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US Senate gives final approval to debt ceiling deal
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US economy shrank 0.9% last quarter for its second straight drop
Ireland second to Bermuda as 'conduit' for taxable income of US multinationals - IMF staff paper
US economy suffers sharpest contraction in five years
Obama names Janet Yellen as new chairman of US Federal Reserve
Obama rules out minting $1 trillion coin to solve US debt woes
Extract: ‘China looks forward to growth, while the West teeters on the brink’
100 days ahead of vote: Obama ahead but vulnerable
Latest US jobs figures show unemployment sticking at 8.2 per cent
Krugman: Elect Mitt Romney and the US will have an Irish recession
Did Obama deliberately refer to his opponent as 'George Romney'?
'We should get his resume' - Obama offers help to unemployed engineer
US unemployment at lowest point since March 2009
Shares continue rally after US records 2.5 per cent GDP growth
US markets slide despite Fed's $400bn bond investment
Obama unveils ambitious €320bn job stimulus plan
Global stocks dive on poor economic data, recession fears
Stalled US budget talks virtually stagnant
US debt downgraded to 'negative'
Obama asks new generation to face 'Sputnik moment'
The dollar is sick
China now world's second-largest economy