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'Unprecedented' moves needed as UN report warns of faster than expected climate change effects
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Former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan has died following a short illness
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Pride and sacrifice: Marking 60 years of Irish participation in peacekeeping missions
Myanmar is 'failing to end recruitment of child soldiers'
President Michael D Higgins to address United Nations during US visit next week
Russia compares Salisbury poisoning allegations to Nazi propaganda
Israel will send refugees to Western countries as deportation plan scrapped
Ministers travelling on St Patrick's Day to campaign for UN Security Council seat
UN wants war crime charges after people in South Sudan 'forced to watch the rape of loved ones'
'Hell on Earth': More than 400 people have been killed in five-day assault on Syrian rebel-held area
Iran says that meeting of UN Security Council over mass protests is 'a preposterous example of US bullying'
Ireland is giving another €500,000 in aid to the severe humanitarian crisis in DR Congo
Critically ill adults and children evacuated from besieged region of Syria
North Korea says new UN sanctions are an 'act of war'
'The world wants peace, not death!' - Trump welcomes new sanctions on North Korea
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Call for ban on 'killer robots' - but are they really on the way?
Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere have hit a record high
Angelina Jolie 'offered to help capture' Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony
As US warplanes fly off North Korea, Trump says the country's leaders 'won't be around much longer'
Ireland backs UN treaty banning nuclear weapons despite boycott from Nato
'Ignorant hate speech belongs in medieval times': Iran strongly criticises Trump
Trump says democracy must be restored in Venezuela as 'their country is collapsing'
Facing a barrage of criticism, Aung San Suu Kyi cancels trip to UN General Assembly
Ireland fares poorly on alcohol use, child sex abuse and suicide rate
UN accuses Myanmar of 'ethnic cleansing' as thousands of Rohingyas flee the country
North Korea is 'begging for war': US steps up pressure on Kim Jong-un at UN
Survivors of Myanmar violence say children were beheaded and men burnt alive
Trump says talking is 'not the answer' to North Korean situation
United Nations issues 'racism warning' over growing US tensions