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February 2024
Border analysis: 'My dad was in the Orange Order, but I'd probably vote for a United Ireland'
McDonald and O'Neill talk Irish unity and 'being chilled' about identity in UK media blitz
Michelle O'Neill says she will raise referendum on Irish unity when she meets Rishi Sunak
Last year
Micheál Martin says there's still ‘hard, practical work’ needed to reconcile NI communities
Varadkar: Irish unity vote shouldn't require supermajority, but unionists must feel 'wanted'
Poll: Would you like to see a United Ireland within your lifetime?
Bono says a united Ireland in his lifetime would be ‘wonderful’
Brian Rowan: The head of the new Troubles legacy body will have a mountain to climb
Irish and British ministers still at odds over Varadkar comments about united Ireland and Stormont
Taoiseach stands by comment that he believes there will be a united Ireland in his lifetime
Taoiseach says people 'read too much' into Wolfe Tones but warns about 'how songs might be heard'
Australia's ruling Labor party passes motion supporting Irish reunification
Leo Varadkar: Losing a border poll would 'take the issue off the agenda for a long period'
A third of British residents 'wouldn't mind' Northern Ireland leaving the UK
All time
McDonald says concessions around tricolour and anthem 'will be discussed' in united Ireland
Taoiseach ‘not surprised’ more from Northern Ireland favour staying in UK over Irish unity
More from Northern Ireland support staying in UK over Irish unity, poll shows
Pro-unity Ireland's Future event draws big crowd as Leo and Mary Lou preach to the converted
Political leaders and actors among those set to take part in United Ireland rally
Almost two thirds of people in Ireland are in favour of Ukraine joining the EU, poll shows
Extract: Making sense of a united Ireland - which was long deemed impossible
The Good Information Podcast: How close are we to a United Ireland?
Sinn Féin on US charm offensive to garner support for Irish unity and the Good Friday Agreement
Sinn Féin runs advert in The New York Times calling for 'Irish unity in our time'
McDonald says she can see 'no good argument' for re-entering the Commonwealth
Brexit is fuelling a boom in cross-border trade. But why? And what does it mean for the island?
'Never a bad time': Varadkar defends comments about united Ireland after criticism from unionists
Varadkar: Fine Gael should establish a branch in Northern Ireland
The Tánaiste addressed Fine Gael members at the party's Ard Fheis this evening.
He said Fine Gael should set up a branch in Northern Ireland to recuit members.
On a united Ireland, he said he believes "in the unification of our island and I believe it can happen in my lifetime".
People on both sides of the border ‘not prepared to foot united Ireland bill’ - poll
A majority in Northern Ireland would vote to stay in UK, poll finds
Almost half of Irish people don't have confidence in the EU's Covid-19 vaccines strategy
Northern Ireland is more than green and orange now - as new communities enter the debate
A shared island: Your ideas for a new Ireland
Scotland and its elections are key to the union and to a united Ireland
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'I would have said of German unity 'not in my lifetime'': What can Ireland learn from a united Germany?
Column: Irish reunification is an opportunity to reset the economy and confront the climate crisis
Explainer: What is the Taoiseach's Shared Island Unit up to?
The myriad ways Brexit has permanently shifted the course of Northern Ireland's future