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Russian invasion of Ukraine and veto undermines UN Security Council, Coveney says
UN launches record €49 billion emergency funding appeal amid Ukraine war and climate emergencies
UN puts French baguette on cultural heritage list
COP27 summit strikes historic deal to fund climate damages
World population set to reach eight billion today
Warming weather and rising seas getting worse, UN meteorological report warns
Twitter starts rolling out paid subscriptions as UN calls for human rights to be respected
G7 discuss winter aid package for Ukraine as grain shipments resume
Yellowstone, Kilimanjaro glaciers among those set to vanish by 2050, UNESCO warns
UN report finds current climate pledges 'nowhere near' enough to prevent 1.5C warming
US asks UN Human Rights Council to debate rights abuses in China's Xinjiang region
Ireland 'deeply frustrated' at Security Council’s failure to act on Russia, Palestine and climate change
Zelenskyy urges 'just punishment' against Russia in address to United Nations
Taoiseach's flight from Dublin to New York forced to return to Ireland due to a bird strike
Exclusion of Afghan girls from high schools ‘shameful’, says UN
Chance for peace in Ukraine is 'minimal' at present, UN chief says after call with Putin
UN accuses Taliban of harassing female staff in Afghanistan
Malnutrition and disease after Pakistan flood will get worse says UN
China denounces UN report citing possible crimes against humanity in Xinjiang
Fresh shelling at Ukraine power plant as operator warns of radiation risk
UN session on high seas biodiversity ends without agreement
UN chief to meet Ukraine, Turkey leaders in Lviv
First UN-chartered ship set to transport Ukrainian grain to dock today
UN nuclear agency head 'alarmed' by strikes at Ukraine plant
Ukraine nuclear plant completely out of control and extremely dangerous, says UN nuclear expert
UN says Yemen’s warring sides agree to renew existing truce for two months
UK court upholds decision to withdraw 12-year-old's life sustaining treatment
UK court rules to end 12-year-old boy's life support
World is ‘one misunderstanding away from nuclear annihilation’, UN chief warns
Diverted Ryanair flight investigation concludes that Belarus' actions were 'unlawful'
'The ocean is not a rubbish dump': UN tells leaders to take action on protecting seas
WHO to create new name for monkeypox to avoid discrimination
Opinion: Preferential treatment of white European war victims is a lamentable reality
Thousands of leaked photos and documents shed new light on China's 're-education' camps
UN denounces 'racist and homophobic' tone of some monkeypox reporting
UN chief warns Ukraine war 'amplifying and accelerating' global food insecurity
Climate change indicators hit record highs in 2021, UN warns
50-50 chance world will breach 1.5 degrees Celsius warming within five years, UN warns
Zelenskyy calls for meeting with Putin 'to end the war' as Mariupol evacuation 'thwarted'
Russia vows bigger Ukraine assault as UN documents killings