# Ukraine War

Last year
Zelenskyy denies confirming Russian forces have taken control of Bakhmut
UK and Norway sign agreement to protect undersea infrastructure
Russia agrees two-month extension to deal allowing Ukrainian grain to be exported
Ukraine denies it was behind drone attack on Kremlin as Moscow accuses Kyiv of 'assassination attempt'
Moscow said Putin was not hurt and there were no casualties.
Kyiv insisted it had "nothing to do" with the alleged attack, suggesting it was "staged" by Moscow.
US Secretary of State Antony Blinken also cast doubt on the veracity of the report.
At least 19 people killed after Russian strikes hit several Ukrainian cities overnight
China to send delegation to Ukraine after Xi and Zelenskyy make first phone call since war
Moscow court rejects appeal from cafe bombing suspect
Putin accused of visiting sites of Russian 'war crimes' in Ukraine
G7 vows 'severe costs' for those helping Russia evade sanctions in war against Ukraine
Nine people, including toddler, killed in Russian strike in eastern Ukraine
Man arrested over leak of highly sensitive Pentagon documents
Ukraine launches investigation into unverified video appearing to show soldier being beheaded
Germany to shut its last nuclear power plants this weekend despite energy crisis
Zelenskyy meets Polish president in Warsaw on rare state visit
Russia defends itself from criticism over UN Security Council presidency
Russian military blogger killed in Saint Petersburg explosion during pro-war event
Ukraine would dismantle Russian bridge if it retakes Crimea, official says
Ukraine's foreign minister says Russia UN Security Council presidency a 'slap in the face'
United Nations accuses both Russian and Ukrainian forces of 'summary executions' of prisoners
Zelenskyy pleads for jets and missiles after visit to frontline in Kherson
Zelenskyy visits frontline near Bakhmut following night of missile and drone attacks
Russian attacks on Ukraine continue in wake of Putin arrest warrant
ICC issues arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin over alleged war crimes in Ukraine
UN-backed inquiry accuses Russia of war crimes in Ukraine
Ukrainian troops shoot down Russian fighter amid ongoing battle to defend Bakhmut
Russia forced to 'ration' shells amid ammo shortage as missile hits apartment in eastern Ukraine
Fierce fighting rages in long-running battle for control of Bakhmut as Russia claims progress
NATO chief warns Ukrainian city of Bakhmut may fall 'in coming days'
Ukraine moves to fortify embattled frontline city of Bakhmut as Russia closes in
EU adopts 10th round of sanctions against Russia as fighting in Ukraine grinds on
Zelenskyy says Ukraine 'will prevail' on the eve of invasion anniversary
Kyiv says it shot down Russian balloons as Zelenskyy says troops 'firmly holding' Bakhmut
UN chief says prospects for peace in Ukraine 'keep diminishing' as anniversary nears
New long-range weapons will not target Russia, says Ukraine defence minister
EU prepares more Russia sanctions as Kremlin readies offensive
US along with Germany and Norway announce tanks for Ukraine as battle intensifies
President Biden confirmed the news this evening.
Germany said it will also provide a company of 14 Leopard 2 A6 tanks from the Bundeswehr stocks
Norway confirmed it is also sending tanks
The powerful tanks are seen as key to punching through enemy lines
Ukraine's defence ministry denies corruption claims and launches investigation
Zelenskyy expects 'strong decisions' on arms supplies at meeting of allies in Germany
Russia says it controls battered Ukraine town of Soledar
Ukraine denies Russian claim it killed 600 soldiers in missile strikes