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Excavation of Tuam mother and baby home site will take 'many years', says forensic expert
'Those who were denied a voice for too long will continue to fight for justice for the lost children of Tuam'
Excavations at Tuam mother and baby home expected to start in latter half of 2019
'Exceptionally important decision': Full forensic excavation of Tuam mother and baby home to take place
Zappone confirms she told pope about children's bodies in sewage system of Tuam home
Names of 796 Tuam Babies written on white sheets and brought to Galway church
Mother and baby homes: It will be difficult to 'establish facts' on burial records say investigators
The 'mixing of remains' will make it very difficult to identify babies at Tuam site
'Today is about Tuam': Catherine Corless commends Zappone for appointing experts to investigate burial site
'Something urgent has to be done with the Tuam site - it can't just be left as it is'
'Immoral and repulsive': Fury at Zappone's refusal for redress for mother and baby home survivors
Pressure mounts on Church to 'pay up' on sexual abuse redress as Taoiseach says 'get on with it'
'I wasn't shocked, I knew they were there': Catherine Corless receives standing ovation on Late Late
GardaĆ­ should interview the surviving Bon Secour nuns over Tuam burial site, says TD
Catherine Corless says more human remains are likely to be buried under Tuam playground
Watch: 'We took their babies and gifted them, sold them, trafficked them and starved them'
UN committee warns scope of mother and baby homes inquiry is too narrow
Enda Kenny says babies at Tuam home were treated like 'some kind of sub-species'
Catholic bishop: 'We hang our heads in shame' over Tuam mass grave
'You were just a bastard in their eyes. But they can't hide from the truth now'
Mother and baby homes believed to give Irish women 'every chance of keeping their secret'
'I was so badly whipped I had to be taken to hospital' - Mother and baby home survivor
These were the 796 children who died at Tuam Mother and Baby Home
No mourning at final resting place of Tuam babies - only an eerie silence
Here's What Happened Today: Friday
She was right: How Catherine Corless uncovered what happened in Tuam
'It wasn't a home, it was a prison': Former residents from Tuam mother and baby home react
Nuns who ran Tuam home have 'no comment' to make on today's revelations
Tuam babies: Next steps in finding the truth behind their deaths
Remains of young children and babies found in sewage chambers at Tuam mother and baby home
'These children need to be remembered': It's almost a year since the Tuam Babies controversy
Mother and baby home survivor: My son is in his 42nd year - I might never get to hug him
Should the mother-and-baby homes inquiry include orphanages?
"It's so important to get this inquiry right"
Second burial ground found at Tuam mother and baby home
Just one priest agreed to be interviewed for documentary on mother-and-baby homes
Row brews over Terry Prone Tuam babies email
Almost 500 unclaimed infant bodies were sent to anatomy departments from 1940-65
This 1940s letter describes the 'decent class' of unmarried mothers who were 'first offenders'
Victims of mother-and-baby homes should give evidence in public if they want to - Human rights group