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This week
25th February 2024 - 1st March 2024
US Supreme Court to rule if Trump can be prosecuted in 2020 election interference case
Biden and Trump win Michigan primaries, despite US President suffering Gaza protest vote
Donald Trump appeals €419 million judgment made against him in New York fraud lawsuit
Last week
18th February 2024 - 24th February 2024
Larry Donnelly: Quick takes on US politics - where are we now in the race for the White House?
Donald Trump rails against judge who handed down $355 million fine in New York civil fraud
Last month
February 2024
Donald Trump hit with fine of $355 million by judge in New York civil fraud case
Trump's historic hush-money criminal trial will go ahead on 25 March, New York judge says
Larry Donnelly: US democracy isn't perfect, but it's easier to vote there than in Ireland
US Court of Appeals rules Trump not immune from prosecution in 6 January case
January 2024
Trump briefly testifies in defamation case brought against him by writer E. Jean Carroll
Judge threatens to throw Trump out of court for talking during evidence
Trump attends New York court for start of E Jean Carroll defamation case
Trump wins Iowa presidential caucuses to reinforce status as Republican frontrunner
Trump ordered to pay New York Times $400k in legal fees
Republican rivals hit out at each other as Donald Trump skips presidential debate in Iowa
Judge rules Donald Trump will not give closing speech in civil fraud trial
US judges sceptical of Trump's immunity claim as he warns of 'bedlam' if he is put on trial
US Supreme Court to decide on if Donald Trump can run for President again
New York attorney general seeks $370 million from Donald Trump in civil fraud trial
Trump asks US Supreme Court to review Colorado ruling barring him from ballot
Larry Donnelly: Here's hoping this year's politics in the US and Ireland are better than 2023
Last year
Maine election official removes Trump from 2024 presidential primary ballot
Michigan court rejects bid to bar Trump from 2024 ballot
US Supreme Court declines to fast-track Trump's claim he is immune from prosecution
Donald Trump recorded pressuring election officials not to certify 2020 vote, report says
Audio reveals Donald Trump pushed two officials against certifying Michigan vote
Netanyahu & the American Evangelicals: 'They wage war in our country, then celebrate Christmas'
US Supreme Court asked to rule quickly on whether Trump is immune from prosecution
Trump says he will not give evidence for a second time at his New York civil fraud trial
Trump returns to civil business fraud trial as spectator as testimony nears end
Donald Trump’s civil fraud trial to continue despite lawyers seeking early end
Ivanka Trump gives evidence in her father’s New York fraud case
Donald Trump admonished for 'non-responsive and repetitive' answers at New York civil trial
Judge orders anonymous jury for trial in Donald Trump's defamation suit
Donald Trump Jr tells judge he's not involved in financial papers at centre of civil fraud trial
Trump's two adult sons set to take witness stand in civil trial for financial fraud
Court arguments begin on blocking Trump from presidential ballot in Colorado
Judge fines Donald Trump $5,000 for violating gag order in fraud trial
Trump's ex-lawyer pleads guilty over efforts to overturn election loss, agrees to testify
Trump has narrow gagging order imposed by judge in 2020 election subversion case