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Last year
More than 60 people feared dead after boat sinks off Libya
All time
At least 32 dead, 159 wounded after violent clashes in Libya's capital
Court says Gaddafi's son can contest Libya's presidential election, overturning disqualification
Libya's interior minister survives attempted assassination
Nearly 40 people killed after airstrike hits migrant centre in Libya
Three dead as gunfire and explosions rock Libya's foreign ministry building
Irish Navy helps rescue over 200 migrants
Irish Navy revives infant found unconscious in Mediterranean as record numbers saved
Irish naval vessel rescues over 180 refugees in the Mediterranean
Photos show Irish forces saving 140 lives in the Mediterranean
Irish navy rescues 220 people from the Mediterranean
Irish Naval ship LÉ Eithne has rescued another 113 migrants off the coast of Libya
'Crisis team' set up to help Irish in Libya, as French and British leave on naval ship
Here's What Happened Today: Saturday
US shuts its embassy in Libya and evacuates staff amid violent clashes
British man, New Zealand woman found shot dead on Tripoli beach
At least 31 killed, more than 200 injured in Libya gun attack
Syrian families try to recover in neighbouring refugee camps
27 killed and over 350 wounded in Lebanon car bomb blasts
Gaddafi's compound will be turned into an amusement park
Libya delays Lockerbie verdict on Gaddafi ministers
Libya elects interim prime minister after predecessor is sacked
Libyan authorities crack down on lawless militias
US sends Marines to Libya as it considers possible 9/11 link to attack
US evacuates diplomatic staff from embassy in Libya
Gaddafi's son: 'no justice' in trial if evidence from torture is used
Voting begins in Libya's first free elections in 50 years
The Daily Fix: Sunday
NATO criticised after investigation confirms 72 deaths from Libya air strikes
Lockerbie bomber transferred to hospital in Libya
Eastern Libya declares semi-autonomous region
14 game-changing moments of 2011
#ge11, #Egypt, #tigerblood: the year in Twitter hashtags
In pictures: The Arab Spring uprisings of 2011
Gaddafi's son Saif al-Islam captured in Libya: report
Rival Libyan groups clash outside Tripoli
Libya names new prime minister
Libya's liberation to be declared on Sunday
Gaddafi's body being kept in shopping centre freezer
In pictures and videos: the life of 'mad dog' Muammar Gaddafi