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# transgender - Wednesday 11 January, 2017

Obama 'considering reducing Chelsea Manning's prison sentence'

She has served seven years of a 35-year sentence for leaking classified material.

# transgender - Thursday 22 December, 2016

This is why people are talking about North Carolina's 'bathroom law'

Lawmakers in the state have failed to repeal the controversial law, despite Democrats and Republicans earlier reaching an agreement on it.

# transgender - Sunday 20 November, 2016

149 trans people have their gender officially recognised by Ireland

Four were granted to applicants who were aged 16 and 17 years old.

# transgender - Saturday 17 September, 2016

Transgender soldier becomes first woman to serve on frontlines of British Army

Chloe Allen joined the army in 2012 as a man named Ben.

# transgender - Monday 12 September, 2016

Transgender actress Alexis Arquette has died aged 47

The Hollywood actress passed away on Sunday.

# transgender - Friday 9 September, 2016

Chelsea Manning begins hunger strike in military prison

She claims the military is refusing to treat her gender dysphoria.

# transgender - Wednesday 27 July, 2016

Study calls for transgender identification to be taken out of mental illness classification

The study is the first of several field trials and is currently being replicated in Brazil, France, India, Lebanon and South Africa.

# transgender - Sunday 24 July, 2016

‘I’m still Ivan but I’m wearing high-heels.' - Meet Ivan Fahy, an androgynous model from Galway

The Irish model who’s breaking assumptions about gender.

# transgender - Friday 1 July, 2016

US military ends ban on transgender troops

The thousands of transgender people who serve in the military have previously been forced to hide their gender identity.

# transgender - Saturday 25 June, 2016

US military to lift ban on transgender troops

Currently, Pentagon rules allow transgender troops to be discharged from the military.

# transgender - Wednesday 25 May, 2016

11 States are suing the White House over transgender bathroom use orders

The move led by Texas further escalates a national feud over an issue that has become a lightning rod.for separate groups.

# transgender - Friday 13 May, 2016

The White House has intervened in America's raging transgender bathroom debate

One Texas official called transgender bathroom access “the biggest issue facing families and schools in America”.

# transgender - Thursday 18 February, 2016

US state moves towards transgender student bathroom ban

A bill passed on Tuesday would ban transgender students from using bathrooms or locker rooms that match their gender identities.

# transgender - Friday 29 January, 2016

Schools advised to have gender neutral toilets and uniforms to support transgender pupils

New guidelines have been launched to help schools support LGBT students.

# transgender - Saturday 16 January, 2016

Qatar bans film about sex change The Danish Girl from cinemas

Eddie Redmayne plays pioneering transgender woman Lili Elbe in the movie.

# transgender - Wednesday 6 January, 2016

Dame Edna creator calls Caitlyn Jenner a 'mutilated man' and 'publicity-seeking ratbag'

His comments have been described as “out of touch” and “really damaging” to the trans community.

# transgender - Thursday 17 December, 2015

Irish company's Caitlyn Jenner ad 'offensive, transphobic and demeaning to transgender people everywhere'

The advertising authority received a number of complaints in relation to the ad.

Transgender woman 'tried to remove scrotum' after being refused treatment

A female prisoner in an all-male prison has attempted self-harm and suicide on several occasions, according to a British MP.

# transgender - Tuesday 1 December, 2015

US marine found guilty of killing woman after discovering she was transgender

Jennifer Laude was found dead in a hotel room last year.

# transgender - Friday 20 November, 2015

Investigation after transgender woman found dead in all-male prison

Vicky Thompson had reportedly requested to be transferred to a female jail.

# transgender - Wednesday 4 November, 2015

The 'world's first transgender beer' has been specially made with hops that change sex

The beer is also ‘non-binary’ because it treads the line between ale and lager.

# transgender - Wednesday 14 October, 2015

Dublin flooring company says Caitlyn Jenner ad is a 'celebration' of trans people

Not everyone agrees, with TENI saying the billboard has “upset and disappointed” many people.

# transgender - Monday 5 October, 2015

So how did Kellie Maloney get on at the LGBT matchmaking festival?

She got on very, very well indeed. Kellie, formerly boxing promoter Frank, fully transitioned to being a woman last year.

# transgender - Wednesday 23 September, 2015

A transgender woman made to miss flight after penis appears on body scanner

Shadi Petosky was on her way from Florida to Minneapolis.

# transgender - Monday 14 September, 2015

What does it mean to be gender fluid? In short, you shouldn't presume to know

It’s about owning your own identity.

# transgender - Sunday 13 September, 2015

Support for RTÉ presenter who identifies as gender-fluid

Jonathan Clynch will now be referred to as Jonathan Rachel Clynch.

# transgender - Friday 4 September, 2015

You can't be a godparent if you're transsexual, says Vatican

This comes as Joan Burton signs a commencement order the Gender Recognition Bill.

# transgender - Tuesday 25 August, 2015

Website pulls Caitlyn Jenner Halloween costume amid complaints

Several others are still selling it, though.

# transgender - Thursday 13 August, 2015

Chelsea Manning in trouble over Caitlyn Jenner magazine

The former US army soldier is serving a 35-year military prison sentence.

# transgender - Thursday 16 July, 2015

This emotional Caitlyn Jenner speech has had everyone talking today Courage This post contains videos

This emotional Caitlyn Jenner speech has had everyone talking today

At the ESPYs last night the 65-year-old spoke of stories of trans teenagers who had been bullied, beaten up, murdered or who had taken their own lives.

# transgender - Wednesday 15 July, 2015

Three apologises after criticism of ad as transphobic

Many people are expressing their disgust at the ad on social media.

# transgender - Sunday 5 July, 2015

What age did I know I was transgender? That depends what you mean by 'know'

I spent my teenage years and young adulthood feeling different in a way I couldn’t put my finger on. I was constantly at war with myself.

# transgender - Thursday 25 June, 2015

WATCH: Obama tells trans heckler "You're in my house"

The heckler was a transgender, undocumented immigrant activist protesting against the abuse of transgender immigrants.

# transgender - Saturday 6 June, 2015

From The Daily Edge The beauty industry's first transgender female model has arrived Beaut

The beauty industry's first transgender female model has arrived

… and you better take notice.

# transgender - Friday 5 June, 2015

Caitlyn Jenner can keep her Olympic gold medal

A petition calling for her title to be revoked has received almost 14,000 signatures.

# transgender - Thursday 4 June, 2015

A women-only college in the US will now accept transgender women

It will still exclude transgender men, or applicants born female but identifying as male.

# transgender - Monday 1 June, 2015

Caitlyn Jenner (formerly Bruce) has debuted on the cover of Vanity Fair

The Olympian and reality TV star came out as transgender in April.

# transgender - Wednesday 27 May, 2015

What do you do in bed? Trans people answer questions they're frequently asked

The questions range from the mundane to the bizarre to the downright rude.

# transgender - Monday 4 May, 2015

Transgender murderer denied sex change surgery in prison

Michelle Kosilek has been living as a woman since shortly after she shot dead her wife in 1990.

# transgender - Tuesday 28 April, 2015

Kim Kardashian gave an honest and touching interview about Bruce Jenner's transition

“We are so in sync with each other,” she said of the family.