# The42 GAA Weekly

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'If it keeps going the way it is, a player’s inter-county career is going to get shorter'
'Nowadays players want to have their opinion heard - a dictatorship would never work'
'When the Gooch retires you think, nobody could be as good. And then David Clifford arrives'
Is this the start of a Kerry dynasty?
Marc Ó Sé: Sean O'Shea is one of the great free-takers of the modern era
13 years after their last win, do Kerry have a mental block about this Dublin team?
Marc Ó Sé: 'It's the end of Mayo, for the next few years anyway'
Cork's mistake over Horgan - 'It was a bad shout. They created their own enemy'
Marc Ó Sé calls for Kerry to start David Moran against Mayo
Nash: 'People say 'they will get a hammering.' Kerry have their eyes wide open to that'
If Jim McGuinness was over this Donegal, would they win an All-Ireland?
Marc Ó Sé: 'I can see how it upsets the dynamics of a dressing room'
Marc Ó Sé's All-Ireland power rankings: 1) Dublin, 2) Derry, 3) Kerry
Mayo's injury list the major concern ahead of Monaghan test
Nash: 'They looked like a team that weren't drilled at all. They need to change something'
Anthony Nash: 'He is the most underrated hurler in the county'
Marc Ó Sé: 'I have to give Jack O'Connor great credit here. These players need games'
'It would give Cork a bit of excitement to see him pulling the strings at centre forward'
Are Tyrone suffering an All-Ireland hangover?
Anthony Nash: 'I get the same feeling from Cork now. It seems not a happy place to be'
'It was a huge moment. That was some effort' - Nash hails last-gasp Sutcliffe block
'He'd call you out if you weren't delivering' - the Cian O'Neill factor in Galway
'On a training camp in Portugal, Jack made a huge mistake by letting us out for a few beers'
Anthony Nash: 'You got turned over in last year's final and play the exact same way?'
'Waterford have cracked a code where they are able to play it both ways'
'The Munster semi-final should be played in Fitzgerald Stadium'
Marc Ó Sé: Why there are still question marks over Kerry despite strong league
Anthony Nash: We should promote hurling better with live streaming and Friday night games
Ó Sé: 'Referees are dishing out yellow cards now for absolutely nothing, some aren't even frees'
'You had fellas saying he is past it. Do three months make that much of a difference?'
'If consistency comes into that Cork team, they're one of the main contenders for the All-Ireland'
'Beggan had a nightmare of a day. I'd blame him for the three goals'
'As a player Philly was controversial and he's tending to be the same as a pundit'
How many Kilcoo stars will commit to the Down cause?
The42 GAA Weekly with Marc Ó Sé: The High Stakes League
'When you're one of the greatest footballers of all-time's son, the pressure is massive'
'Kieran McGeeney will look at it and say, 'This is so achievable''
GAA Weekly: The Irish in AFL season 2021 with Zach Tuohy
GAA Weekly: Tyrone v Mayo - the joy, the heartbreak, the debrief
From 'gone and not enjoying his football' to man-of-the-match on All-Ireland final day