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Bank of Ireland plans to cut 1,400 jobs from its workforce
More new mortgages approved in June but drawdowns slid in the second quarter, says bank lobby
Explainer: Why Irish banks are being accused of 'profiteering from the pandemic'
Minister for Finance says he 'cannot mandate' how banks consider mortgages for people on wage subsidy scheme
'The stress is real. And growing': Wage subsidy recipients with mortgage approval uncertain if they can buy home
'What was all our hard work for?': Couple have mortgage approval pulled because one is on wage subsidy scheme
How many mortgage holders were taken to the High Court by banks so far this year?
How many mortgage holders have banks taken to court so far this year?
'We apologise unreservedly' 'We sincerely apologise': Five banks say sorry for tracker mortgage mess
'The bank guarantee was traumatic, it wasn't pleasant for anyone in the room'
Stephen Donnelly: Nobody takes the Dáil seriously... including TDs
Noonan doesn't know how many people had access to missing bank guarantee letters
Banking inquiry will have powers to compel - but no witnesses until after May elections
Howlin says officials looking for lost documents - but Department won't say if they are
Anglo worried that the bank guarantee could make it liable if other banks failed
Micheál Martin: Government wants to use banking inquiry as 'a political show trial'
Taoiseach: Ahern and Cowen won't be reluctant to appear before banking inquiry
Howlin: It's very worrying that banks aren't taking the Ombudsman seriously