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The Explainer x Noteworthy: Is Ireland a dumping ground for poultry manure?
Deaths of at least 80 cows in last decade linked to spreading of poultry manure
16 farms inspected in last decade over concerns with poor spreading of poultry litter, Noteworthy reveals
In the most impactful case, 19 dairy cows died across two farms from botulism linked to litter spreading
Difficult for authorities to identify farms of origin of the litter for inspection or further action
'Canary in the coal mine': Protected nature areas under pressure from poultry farming
'Potential fraud' in poultry farm planning applications investigated in the North
Falsified or altered Teagasc letters used in 23 poultry farm planning cases in the North, Noteworthy reveals
Both national and local authorities in the North are currently investigating the issue
Several cases of dumping of poultry litter discovered in Northern Ireland since 2015
Suspected false documents and illegal dumping: the murky world of poultry manure
Higher prices for meats and dairy products in Ireland 'beginning to happen already'
A win for farming, a win for nature: scheming for sustainability
Land grab: How agri-subsidies encourage farmers to cut back on nature
The EU's multi-billion euro farm subsidy model is driving up emissions & hitting nature hard, writes Niall Sargent and Ella McSweeney in new Noteworthy investigation
Irish farmers are being financially penalised for maintaining biodiversity hotspots
€100 billion of farm subsidies for climate action have had little impact on emissions, EU audit finds
The hard graft of horticulture makes it difficult for the sector to grow
'The demand for labour is unaffected by the pandemic': Food producers under pressure as harvest season begins
53% of farm fatalities last year associated with vehicles and machinery
The cereal harvest is forecast to be the worst in 24 years
Farmers are calling a fodder crisis ...but the government says there is sufficient supply
'The gap in household income in Dublin versus rural Ireland is widening'
Enough cyanide 'to wipe out Roscommon' lay in farmer's shed for 45 years
Before and after: The wooliest sheep in the world has just been sheared
There are cows in supermarkets as people lose the plot over the price of milk
"I don't think Fáilte Ireland knows that we're here" - the South-East tourism industry battles against the tide
Opinion: How can we revitalise rural towns? Simple – take some of the risk out of doing business
Do we need a junior minister for rural development?
Nearly two-thirds of Irish farms are not economically viable
Fodder scheme doubled to €2m and extended for two more weeks
Midlands show largest percentage drop in employment ratio since 2006
Infant antibiotic use may have implications for allergies, asthma and obesity - study
No garden, no problem: What can you grow in your apartment?
Sherlock to lead food and lifesciences trade mission to Japan
Groups aim to launch legal challenge against GM trials
EPA clears way for field trials of blight-resistant GM potato
Farm injuries rise by 35 per cent in 5 years
Department defends reappointment of top servant who retired 18 months ago
Column: We should be wary of GM foods, if the past has taught us anything
GM potato trials could be held in Carlow