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Three-month 'grace period' will mean Brexit agri-checks won't apply to foods sent to NI supermarkets
Any tariff increases would 'decimate' Ireland's food and drink imports to the UK - Brexit committee report
Irish butter, cheese and liqueurs among European goods hit with US tariffs
Irish butter, cheese and pork among European goods hit with new US tariffs
Trump escalates trade war with threats to place more tariffs on Chinese imports
Trump suspends tariffs against Mexico after 11th-hour migration deal
Trump announces US to hit Mexico with tariffs on 'all goods' from next weekend
US more than doubles tariffs on $200 billion of Chinese goods
UK govt: Tariffs 'will not apply' to goods crossing border from Ireland in no-deal scenario
What will a no-deal Brexit mean for Ireland?
Trump slaps tariffs on another $200bn worth of Chinese imports
US imposes steep tariffs on $16 billion of Chinese goods
Turkey shaken by financial fears as Trump rattles it further
Trump and Juncker announce 'deal' to defuse US-EU trade row
EU and Japan to sign massive trade deal as US puts up barriers
Trump's kicks off 'largest trade war in economic history' with China
'We will not back down' - Canada announces taxes on ketchup and lawnmowers in response to Trump tariffs
'I fought hard for them': Trump hits out at Harley-Davidson over plans to move some production overseas
Harley-Davidson to move some production out of the US over EU tariffs
Whiskey, jeans and motorbikes: EU tariffs on US goods come into effect
EU counter-tariffs on US products including blue jeans, motorbikes and whiskey kicking in on Friday
'It will hurt the most vulnerable': Companies raise concerns over escalating China-US trade war
EU approves tariffs on US motorcycles, bourbon and blue jeans as trade war grows
'It's best not to see the sausage being made': Macron tight-lipped on how his Trump phone-call went
Trump's 'illegal', 'unacceptable' steel and aluminium tariffs will kick in today, and US allies are not happy
Canada hits US with €10.9 billion in retaliatory tariffs in steel row
China slaps tit-for-tat tariffs on 128 US products
'We're not afraid of a trade war': China hits back and threatens US with tariffs
'The first of many' - Trump hits China with tariffs on up to $60 billion of imports
Taoiseach says no one will gain from a trade war between US and Europe
US trading partners condemn Trump tariffs as trade war fears grow
May moots 'associate membership' of EU agencies, concedes neither side can have 'exactly what we want'
Irish electricity is still ridiculously expensive...
Traffic gridlock expected as taxi drivers protest in Dublin city centre
iPhone tariffs announced
Three announce iPhone 4 plan