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Last year
UN Security Council calls for increased engagement with Taliban through special envoy
Ireland 'needs to be ready' for increase in fentanyl use amid expected heroin shortage
Thousands of Afghans forcibly returned from Pakistan, say Taliban officials
Fentanyl being 'constantly monitored' amid fears of drug hitting Irish market, minister says
Taliban chiefs visit Afghan villages hit by quake that killed at least 2,000
Dozens of Afghan women blocked from leaving to study on scholarships in the UAE
Two years of the Taliban: 'It cannot last as it rules by fear and violence'
Afghanistan's supreme leader claims women given ‘comfortable and prosperous life’ by Taliban
Funeral of Afghan governor killed by suicide bomber is hit by another bomb attack
UN chief slams Taliban over 'unprecedented' curbs on Afghan women's rights
Taliban kill ISIS leader who organised 2021 Kabul airport bombing, US say
High Court rules failure to provide Afghan asylum seeker with accomodation was 'unlawful'
United Nations ready for ‘heartbreaking’ decision to pull out of Afghanistan
UK government ‘in negotiations’ after three British men detained by Taliban
Founder of girls' education project in Afghanistan arrested by Taliban authorities in Kabul
US veterans testify of ‘catastrophic’ impact of chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan
Top Islamic State commander in Afghanistan killed by the Taliban
UN calls on Taliban to let women help give aid to desperate Afghans
UK's Harry accused of making Invictus Games a terrorist target with new book claims
All time
UN won't halt aid to Afghanistan despite ban on women working in the country's aid sector
Aid bodies suspend Afghanistan operations after ban on women aid workers
UN urges Taliban to end 'terrible' university ban on women
Taliban uses water cannon on women protesting against university ban
Taliban bans Afghan women from gyms and public baths
Taliban ban women from parks and funfairs in Afghan capital
No Afghan refugees accepted through Admissions Programme due to 'insufficient information'
US engineer and navy veteran freed in Afghanistan as part of Taliban prisioner exchange
Exclusion of Afghan girls from high schools ‘shameful’, says UN
‘The most difficult days of my life’: Fleeing Afghanistan for Ireland and starting a new life
Taliban celebrates 'day of conquest' to mark turbulent first year in power
Taliban violently disperse rare women's protest in Kabul
Taliban are still illegitimate rulers, say Afghan women activists
Taliban pledge no interference with quake aid, but many await relief
Afghan women demand education and work at Kabul protest
Afghan women TV presenters vow to fight after order to cover faces
Female Afghan TV presenters ordered to cover their faces by Taliban
Taliban orders all Afghan women to wear burqa, as insurgents launch campaign against Govt
Six people killed in blasts at boys' school in Kabul
Taliban warns Pakistan after rocket attacks kill five Afghan children
Activists promise protests in Afghanistan if Taliban fails to reopen girls' schools