# Syria

28th February 2024
Quick Reaction Force: On patrol with Irish soldiers across Syria's contested Golan Heights
News Correspondent Niall O’Connor is in Syria visiting Irish troops keeping the peace on the contested Golan.
This week
25th February 2024 - 29th February 2024
Irish Army Major General begins week-long visit to troops in Syria as Ireland ends UN mission
The activities of Israel and Hamas have had “huge implications” for UNDOF peacekeepers in the region since 7 October.
This month
February 2024
Damascus says US occupation 'cannot continue' after strikes hit Syria and Iraq, killing civilians
Last month
January 2024
10 killed in Israeli strike on Damascus, including Iran intel chief for Syria
Last year
France issues arrest warrant for Syrian President over alleged war crimes
Debunked: Years-old video of hospital bombing in Syria claimed to show strike on Gaza
US military strikes Iran-linked sites in Syria in retaliation for attacks on US troops
Irish troops in Lebanon take shelter as fire is exchanged across Blue Line
At least 112 people killed as drone strikes hit Syrian military ceremony
Syria's Assad visits China in first official trip in decades to seek funds
Syrian family loses EU lawsuit against Frontex deportation, despite lodging asylum request
Baby born under rubble of Syrian quake happy and healthy six months on
From Syria to World Cups: Prendergast brothers doing family proud
Syria opens key aid corridor to rebel-held areas after Russia vetoed UN decision
US drone strike in Syria kills ISIS leader
Syrian government revokes BBC media accreditation over drug documentary
Defence Forces to participate in UN peacekeeping mission in Syria until next spring
Zelenksyy calls out Arab leaders for supporting Russia after Assad's return to the Arab League
Israel launches retaliatory strikes on Syria after rockets fired towards Golan Heights
IS leader responsible for planning Europe attacks killed in air strike, US military says
At least 19 killed in US strikes on Iran-linked groups in Syria after deadly drone attack
US air strikes kill 14 in Syria in retaliation for drone strike
Syrian government condemns US general's visit to Kurdish-held northeast
More than 50,000 people killed in Turkey-Syria earthquake, revised toll shows
Death toll from Turkey and Syria earthquake passes 47,000
New 6.4 magnitude earthquake in Turkey leaves three dead and scores injured
Turkey winds down earthquake rescue as death-toll remains at 44,000
Israeli air strike kills 15 people in Syrian capital, including two civilians
Eyewitness: One man had seen the bodies of his wife, kids and parents brought out of the rubble
Five Syrian children and parents die in house fire after surviving last week's earthquake
Key updates: Aid convoy passes into rebel-held Syria opens as quake death toll now above 40,000
Woman who survived over a week under rubble fights for life in makeshift field hospital
Death toll from Turkey-Syria quake rises above 35,000 as Ireland gives extra €8 million in aid
Erdogan admits earthquake rescue effort not as quick as hoped as death toll nears 24,000
Irish priest in quake-hit Syria describes region as 'the deepest level of hell'
GOAL says 27 of its employees died in earthquake in Turkey and Syria
Search and rescue dogs from Co Down prepare for deployment in Turkey to help in disaster zone
Erdogan admits 'shortcomings' as Turkey-Syria earthquake death toll tops 12,000
Irish aid organisations seek support for emergency earthquake response in Turkey and Syria
Newborn baby in Syria rescued after mother gives birth while buried in earthquake debris