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Column: 'Hands off' symphysiotomy judgement did not hold Ireland to any rigorous standard
European Court of Human Rights declares complaints by Irish symphysiotomy victims as inadmissible
Symphysiotomy group calls for claims in redress report to be withdrawn
5 women due compensation for 'barbaric and cruel' childbirth procedure died before receiving it
State apology: 399 women given up to €150,000 each for symphysiotomy procedures
Why are the medical records of the symphysiotomy victims being destroyed?
Irish women brutally injured during childbirth given another three weeks to claim records
Women whose pelvises were broken during childbirth could see their medical records being shredded
'Devastating': 74-year-old woman loses symphysiotomy case
"I am a symphysiotomy survivor. I am glad it's all over"
'If mammy coughed or sneezed or took a fit of laughing she would wet herself'
'I could no longer dance': Survivor of symphysiotomy takes case against hospital
Many symphysiotomy survivors still don't know what happened to them
At least 257 symphysiotomy survivors apply for redress scheme
Women "butchered" by symphysiotomy reject Government scheme
Survivors of symphysiotomy call for scheme's expiry date to be lifted
'I was just 27 and I was butchered': Symphysiotomy survivors in their own words
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"Time of the essence" in symphysiotomy redress as three survivors die
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Symphysiotomy survivors seek DPP referrals in wake of UN report
Fitzgerald says UN report will be examined but Ireland has its own constitutional position
UN tells Ireland to open an investigation into symphysiotomy
Opinion: A woman pregnant by rape is treated as 'a vessel and nothing more' by Irish law
UN told symphysiotomy patients were 'operated upon wide awake and often screaming'
Woman in intensive care bringing case against hospital over 'unwarranted' symphysiotomy
Survivors of Symphysiotomy reject €34 million redress scheme
Facebook friends, prostitutes, and Garth Brooks: The week in numbers
Symphysiotomy couple want to find their child's burial place
€34 million redress scheme for Irish women whose pelvises were broken during childbirth
'Another non-consensual mass medical experiment': Calls for investigation into symphysiotomy
Symphysiotomy survivors are being assessed for medical card reviews
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Minister has been given the latest symphysiotomy report following judge's review
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