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'It’s not uncommon to see three generations sitting at a table': The magic of Geoff's in Waterford
'It put another string to my bow': How one of Ireland's best-known trad musicians came to own a pub in Westport
'It's kept the street alive in tough times': How Tom Barry's became a local institution in Cork
'We never knew it'd be such a big deal': How O'Connell's in Meath ended up in an iconic Christmas ad
'We have the old bits and pieces exactly as they were': Bringing a 107-year-old Cavan pub back to life
'There's no sign above the door that says pub': The legendary Tipp house that hosts a once-a-week session
'You could be sitting beside a biker or a priest': How the Spirit Store makes for a special brew
'It's a proper Dublin institution': How Fallon's in Dublin 8 has survived for 400 years
'The music soothes the brain': An Spailpin Fánach and the art of the impromptu session
'Probably the most viewed Irish pub in the world': How O'Connor's in Salthill shot to unexpected stardom
'A country pub in the city': How the Royal Oak in Kilmainham became a pub for everyone
'Roger Moore popped in for a few drinks': Why French's pub in Gorey is a true original
'Come for the view, stay for the craic': The mountain magic of the Blue Light pub
'It's a real meeting house': Why Dubliners still flock to The Lord Edward for a pint
'We're just beginning to pick up on the gin thing now': Finding a new era at The Old Thatch
'We took over a careworn building': How L Mulligan Grocer made an unknown pub famous
'His life was saved by a rat': The incredible stories behind MacCarthy’s Bar in Castletownbere
'I'll stop you there. He'll take the money': How Cleere's pub made new traditions in Kilkenny
'Whoever made it, they put an atmosphere in the walls': The magic of the Blackbird in Ballycotton
'It's a local for people who don't live locally': The story of Dublin's Victorian gem The Long Hall
'The cats came with the pub': Why the Harbour Bar isn't just a drinking spot, it's an institution
'It was like watching Homeland': The tiny Louth pub that hosted the Vice President
'When you come here, you get a warm feeling': The South Pole Inn is anything but chilly
Nuns' habits, fishing tackle and a *very* famous dog: Killeen's of Shannonbridge has it all
'It just has that certain wee thing': The Donegal trad pub where everyone joins in the music
'He's working on the leather and I'm pouring beer': The story of Dick Mack's in Dingle
'Everyone is the same once they cross the threshold': The Clonakilty pub where Jimi Hendrix's bassist played
'The dancer is 6ft 4in and captain of the Galway minor football team': The story of Ti Joe Watty's on Inis Mór
'Monks are buried under the beer garden': The story of Franciscan Well Cork
'People think it's a gimmick until I show them the coffins': The Tipp pub that's also an undertaker
'Like walking into a rural Irish house': The Dublin Mountains hideout that is Johnnie Fox's
'You're being transported back': The Galway pub where the barman knew Samuel Beckett
Sean's Bar in Athlone is Ireland's oldest pub - and a bona fide tourist attraction
'We have everything from bikers and mods to God knows everything' - The enduring popularity of Downes' in Waterford
Nancy's is the Donegal pub that's like stepping into your granny's good room
'If someone comes in at 10pm, we can get them a box of nails': Borris' legendary pub and hardware shop
'People come in to see their dads on the wall': The eccentric beauty of O'Lochlainn's in Ballyvaughan
'It’s kind of like when you go to Tuscany and you get a nice Chianti': The Gravediggers on their €4.60 pints of Guinness
'Some people think it's trendspotting. It is in its b*****ks': How beloved Dublin boozer MVP came to be
'It's a little museum full of wonders': The magic of Levis' Corner House in Ballydehob