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#State Papers

# state-papers - Friday 3 January, 2020

Inside 1989: What Irish business looked like 30 years ago

From Intel to Coillte, the State Papers show the foundation of modern Ireland.

# state-papers - Wednesday 1 January, 2020

'Dear Charlie': State Papers reveal 'warm congratulations' sent after Haughey regained power in 1989

While Iran sent flowers, Pakistan praised Haughey’s “outstanding qualities of wisdom and leadership” after the general election.

'Crumlin Village has become intolerable': 1980s letters show Dubliners' fears about high crime rate

People across Dublin raised concerns about spates of crime in their locality in the 1980s, State Papers reveal.

# state-papers - Tuesday 31 December, 2019

Rudy Giuliani's 'ineptitude' and 'lack of knowledge' criticised by Irish diplomat following 1989 lunch

Giuliani had just launched his 1989 mayoral campaign when a Government official lunched with the Republican politician.

# state-papers - Monday 30 December, 2019

Irish government ‘outraged’ over IRFU participation in South Africa sports event

Details of correspondence and government letters have been released by the National Archives.

Charlie Haughey's hotel suite during a visit to France was triple the cost of the room given to another minister

The government also took special care with the visit of Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Abdullah.

'Beauty and splendour' of Adare Manor passed over as possible 1989 East-West summit venue

Charles Haughey wished “to reply personally” to Adare’s Managing Director.

# state-papers - Sunday 29 December, 2019

'A statement of national pride' with 30-mile views: the unsuccessful plan to build Dublin's Eiffel Tower

The £40m building was projected to attract 500,000 visitors every year.

'Best, clearest, latest state-of-the-art binoculars in the world' for Haughey during Japan visit

Naturally, as Taoiseach, Haughey was given two free pairs.

Beneath the surface: the plan for a £15m underground shopping mall at the site of Nelson's Pillar

Details of the plan were released this week under the 30-year State Papers rule.

The 'unfortunate' 1989 interview with Northern Ireland secretary Peter Brooke

Peter Brooke said that it was “difficult to envisage a military defeat” of the IRA, and compared Ireland to Cyprus.

An IRA 'propaganda victory': US embassy was asked not to issue travel advice after 1980s rail bombings

The Irish and UK governments expressed their concern at a travel advisory being issued to US travellers, confidential documents show.

# state-papers - Saturday 28 December, 2019

Thatcher told Haughey that Ireland's refusal to extradite IRA priest was 'a major setback'

Ireland and the UK disagreed over how to handle the case of Fr Patrick Ryan, and the US considered intervening, State papers reveal.

Peacekeepers' killings in Lebanon led government to halt Israeli plans to open Irish embassy

Irish troops have been deployed to the region with the UN since the 1970s.

'Take them to hell': The curious tale of the hidden Russian jewels and Dev's deal with the Bolsheviks

The jewels were given as security by Russian envoy in America in 1920 for a $20,000 loan advanced by the Irish Republic.

Cobh's 'military' potential and nuclear dumping in Donegal: concerns about Ireland at end of Cold War

US officials conveyed their worries about a Cobh shipyard to the Taoiseach in 1989.

New details of Thatcher and Haughey meeting show how British PM was against German reunification

The Birmingham Six and IRA semtex consignments were also spoken about.

The Christmas cards sent to Haughey asking him not to forget The Birmingham Six

“This will be the 16th Christmas that my father and the five men… will spend imprisoned for a crime that they did not commit,” one letter said.

NI lobby group was accused of misleading investors about Republic to 'damage our national interest'

The spat was the subject of talks between a UK minister and an Irish ambassador in 1989.

Pat Finucane murder: Minister's comments about solicitors being 'sympathetic to IRA' were backed by No 10

Douglas Hogg was criticised for remarks he made in the House of Commons three weeks before Finucane was killed in 1989.

The 1989 letters exchanged between a Birmingham Six prisoner and Charlie Haughey

“This is the first positive thing you have done for us,” Paddy Joe Hill said in a handwritten letter to the Fianna Fáil Taoiseach.

# state-papers - Sunday 13 January, 2019

In 1973 the government had to politely explain why it couldn't cash a near 100-year-old bond

Hundreds of thousands of these bonds were issued in the 19th century to raise support for Irish nationalism.

# state-papers - Saturday 5 January, 2019

'Pub life and gambling': A Soviet Russian guide to 1970s Ireland

Yuri Ustimenko was Russian news agency TAAS’ Irish correspondent from 1969 to 1971.

# state-papers - Tuesday 1 January, 2019

'Baylas', 'Beilis', 'Queillys': In the 1980s the government was urged to tackle cheap Spanish Baileys knock-offs

Locally produced copies of “extremely poor quality” were a persistent issue for importers.

# state-papers - Sunday 30 December, 2018

'It would be disastrous': People wrote to government in 1988 over concerns of a seal cull in Co Mayo

The government had ordered a seal census on the west coast to determine whether a cull was necessary.

Concerns were raised by women in 1986 over waiting times for cervical smear tests results

19 women wrote to the then-Minister for Women’s Affairs and Family Law about the issue, State Papers reveal.

# state-papers - Saturday 29 December, 2018

Ireland considered sanctions on Gaddafi's Libya over IRA support but was worried about beef

Ireland had built up a valuable beef export partnership with Libya.

Garrett FitzGerald told Margaret Thatcher: 'John Hume will generally do what he is asked to do'

The frank assessment came in meeting between the pair in The Hague in 1986.

Charlie Haughey was urged to pressure 'British arrogance' over Birmingham Six and Guildford Four

The convictions of the nine men and one women were ultimately quashed.

Fine Gael ministers discussed US corporations paying 'little or no tax' here in the 1980s

A letter from John Bruton to Alan Dukes has been released to the national archives.

# state-papers - Friday 28 December, 2018

'I'll wreck the joint': The day poet Patrick Kavanagh threatened Dublin's booksellers

“I will break every bloody bookshop in the city up,” Kavanagh barked at Hodges Figgis staff.

Imprisoned Gerry Conlon slams 'judicial terrorists' in 1988 letter to Haughey

By 1988, The Guildford Four had served over 13 years in prison having been handed down life sentences.

'A mad priest careering around Europe': Haughey and Thatcher clash over IRA clergyman

Father Patrick Ryan was suspected of being an IRA quartermaster active in Belgium.

# state-papers - Sunday 7 January, 2018

Temple Bar could have been a bus station but for a 'duplicitous volte face' from the government

It would also feature an underground rail tunnel from Heuston Station to Connolly.

# state-papers - Sunday 31 December, 2017

State Papers: RTÉ crew were 'somewhat cavalier' and acted 'on impulse' during US trip

The Irish Embassy had to rebook flights and arrange interviews for RTÉ when its crew visited in 1987.

State Papers: Irish government on the PIRA's 'biggest propaganda coup since the 1981 hunger strike'

The Irish government raised its concerns to the British over the RUC’s handling of Larry Marley’s funeral.

A bizarre story about a 'stolen' lawnmower made it into official government records 30 years ago

A tale about a Qualcast Punch Lawnmower worth £210 made it all the way into official Irish government records.

# state-papers - Saturday 30 December, 2017

North Korea wrote to 'Taoiserch Charles Haugher' asking for a letter to be read in the Dáil

“The note has not, of course, been acknowledged.”

# state-papers - Friday 29 December, 2017

Sinn Féin says rumours Gerry Adams set up Loughall ambush are "utter nonsense"

The claims are made in the State Papers, which were released under the 30-year-rule.

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