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This month
February 2024
Increase in firefighters and fire stations in Dublin a 'direct result' of Stardust blaze, inquest hears
Stardust architect's lack of fire safety knowledge 'contributed to loss of life', expert tells inquest
Last month
January 2024
Stardust management failed to comply with 16 by-laws, inquest told
Stardust fire could have started in the main bar without staff noticing, expert tells inquest
Electrical fault in hot press 'likely cause' of Stardust fire, expert tells inquest
No evidence of accelerant or arson in Stardust west alcove, inquest hears
Stardust inquest hears from expert on areas which might've had influence on 'how fire could've started'
Inquest jury hears of 'tragic young couples perishing together' in Stardust fire
Hard to conceive 'scale and enormity' of losing three family members at Stardust, inquest told
Dental plate could have been 'key' in identifying body of Stardust victim who went unknown for 25 years
Inquest told any delay in exiting 'toxic hot environment' of Stardust increased chances of death
Inquest jury begins hearing evidence of cause of death of Stardust fire victims
Not possible to perform 'any meaningful analysis' of effects of fire on Stardust victims, inquest hears
Last year
Stardust Inquest jury shown 'extremely graphic' material from night of fatal Stardust fire
Stardust survivor says fire spread 'like a flamethrower', inquest hears
Garda investigating Stardust fire cause found 'no evidence' fire started maliciously, inquest hears
Garda says officers treated Stardust site as one of 'catastrophe', but not as a 'crime scene'
Former senior firefighter tells Stardust inquest that blaze was 'an accelerated fire'
Firefighter tells Stardust inquest he found group of victims 'huddled together' on the dancefloor
Stardust survivor heard youth claim he knew who started the fire, inquest hears
Stardust survivor recalls watching nightclub roof collapse and realising her husband was dead
Stardust inquest hears how teen was trapped in toilets before being 'surrounded by fire'
Stardust survivor tells inquest friend who perished was not supposed to attend disco that night
Stardust deemed 'pretty horrendous' fire risk with 'highly combustible' materials, inquest hears
DJ assistant tells Stardust Inquest fuses up to 60 light boxes would run off four plugboards
Stardust: Inquest hears of survivor's 'life changing' injuries from the fire
Stardust ceiling was 'raining flames' causing ashtrays to ignite on tables below
Stardust witness tells inquest that doorman told him: 'They could not get out, the doors were padlocked'
Stardust survivor tells inquest fire was a 'monster' that was 'coming after you'
Stardust survivor says husband died in the blaze hours after celebrating daughter's first birthday
Stardust survivor tells inquest that patrons 'were trapped like rats trying to get out'
Stardust survivor tells inquest of watching a girl burn in the nightclub fire
Stardust patron tells inquest what she saw on night of fatal blaze was like 'looking into hell'
Stardust patron tells inquest of using his hands and arms to try put flames out
Witnesses say they saw exit doors chained and locked in Stardust nightclub on night of fire
Woman tells Stardust inquest she left club after 'piece of ceiling' fell on table on night of fire
Stardust patron saw material like 'melting plastic' coming from ceiling on night of fire, inquest hears
Stardust patron tells inquest he 'always felt it wasn't right' having carpet tiles on walls
'Everything just went quiet': Stardust patron gives emotional evidence about night of fire
Eamon Butterly tells Stardust inquest management at the club was not 'up to dealing with fire'