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'Where is she?': Survivor of Tuam home discovers he has a second sister with no burial record
'It's an insult': €3,000 payment for people who were illegally adopted criticised
Mother told daughter would 'get a needle in her arm every day' until she signed adoption papers
Sally McAndrew says nuns threatened to put her in a vaccine trial when her mother put off signing her adoption papers
'Every day you don’t sign, your daughter is getting a needle in her arm and will be screaming in pain'
Sally says her biological father received her home address when he paid £5,000 to nuns, Órla Ryan reports
Geraldine was born in St Patrick's, her sister Pauline was born in Bessborough - 50 years later they found each other
Illegal adoption investigator strongly objected to redaction of institution names in report
Report into illegal adoptions estimates there are thousands of 'suspicious' files, but advises against inquiry
Six-month waitlist for counselling and confusion for those affected by adoption scandal despite promises
'I was told not to touch him or bond with him because that was for his other mother'
Mother and son who were separated for 50 years settle High Court action against adoption agency
Adoption scandal: Officials questioned whether telling those affected would 'do more harm than good'
'Lies, secrets and silences': Some people with illegally registered births will never know
'My date of birth was changed, so my biological parents had no hope of finding me'
'It's been known for years': Adoption campaigners say scandal more widespread than St Patrick's Guild
Zappone reveals at least 126 children were wrongly registered as biological children of adoptive parents