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Motorcyclist speeding at 198km/h among hundreds of drivers caught by gardaí yesterday
More than 400 drivers caught speeding on St Stephen's Day
Details revealed of how drivers face higher fines and penalty points the more they break the speed limit
Conor McGregor given six-month driving ban for speeding
Gardaí log 100 motorists breaking speed limit on first day of M7 'slow down' operation
Driver arrested on suspicion of drunk driving after being clocked at 145 km/h
177km in a 120 zone: 276 motorists caught speeding on National Slow Down Day
Gardaí issue warning after motorists test positive for cocaine and cannabis
Driver caught doing 156kph in 80kph zone
The more you break the speed limit the more you'll be punished under new law
Some 211 vehicles caught speeding in 24-hour national slow down operation
Doing 139kmph in a 50-zone in Tipperary: Figures on speeding in Ireland
Driver in Carlow caught doing 176kmph, with no insurance and tests positive for cocaine
Cannabis worth €38k found after driver stopped in Tipperary for speeding
Learner driver (18) arrested in Naas for doing 180km/h
All young drivers 'should have tracking devices installed to reduce car insurance costs'
Gardaí aren't replacing their 'robot' speed vans - meaning fewer checks on Irish roads
Councillor who falsely nominated another driver in speeding case has driving ban lifted
Car caught speeding twice in less than half an hour in two different Clare towns
'The system is too lenient': Speeding drivers could face a ban even on first offence
Judge says Fianna Fáil councillor 'wriggled like a worm at the end of a hook' and told 'a pack of lies'
Poll: How often do you break the speed limit?
Poll: Have you ever been caught speeding?
A 24 hour Garda operation to get drivers to slow down is about to kick off
Motorists caught speeding at 170 kph and learner driver tests positive for cocaine and cannabis
Drivers have been acting the absolute goat on Ireland's roads in the last 24 hours
Driver to face court after gardaí clock car travelling at over 190 km/h
Port Tunnel: Gardaí catch same vehicle speeding 3 times in 19 day-period
Motorist charged for driving at 195 kph and testing positive for cocaine and cannabis
Speed cameras in Port Tunnel going live from midnight
Bus driver caught doing 20 km/h over the speed limit by unmarked garda car
'171km in 120 zone': Gardaí catch 226 drivers above the speed limit on national slow down day
Gardaí will be out checking in force today as part of Operation Slow Down
Van caught breaking red lights and forcing cars into bus lane while speeding at 100kph in 60 zone
Poll: Should fines for speeding be linked to how much you earn?
Man (23) pleads guilty to dangerous driving that caused best friend's death
Car caught speeding at 104 km per hour in 60 kilometre zone overnight in heavy rain
Drivers in Dublin and Cork most likely to have broken speed limits recently
Gardaí caught a driver going 148kph on a foggy 100kph stretch of road this morning
Driver arrested after caught speeding at 187 km per hour in 120 zone on wet road