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Nasa’s Orion capsule enters moon orbit as test mission nears halfway point
British medic set to become first astronaut recruit with a disability
NASA spacecraft comes within 80 miles of Moon ahead of record-breaking orbit
Nasa's James Webb space telescope spots early galaxies hidden from Hubble
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Mars set to be visible next to the full moon tonight
Section of destroyed space shuttle Challenger found on ocean floor
James Webb Space Telescope reveals ‘fingerprint’ created by two stars
Nasa spaceship succeeds in deflecting asteroid in historic test
Nasa tests defence technology by crashing spacecraft into asteroid
Jupiter should be visibile tonight as it comes closest to Earth in 60 years
NASA calls off Moon launch due to tropical storm
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Nasa postpones rocket launch to the moon for the second time
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Nasa's Artemis 1 moon rocket launch postponed due to engine issue
Nasa's 'most powerful rocket' set for launch of Artemis 1 moon mission
New NASA space telescope shows Jupiter’s auroras and tiny moons
'Drop everything and go': Russian spacewalk cut short due to issue with faulty suit
Remains of Chinese rocket booster fall to Earth
Buzz Aldrin jacket becomes most valuable US space-artefact after selling for €2.4m
Nasa has released the clearest-ever photo of galaxies in deep space
Contact lost with spacecraft on way to test moon orbit, Nasa says
Scientists use satellite data to detect offshore methane leak for the first time
Nasa to launch three rockets from private Australian space port
The Good Information Podcast: How do Ireland and the EU figure into the space race?
Scientists successfully grow plants in soil from the moon
Fuel leak thwarts Nasa’s dress rehearsal for moon rocket
SpaceX launches three private visitors to space station for €50 million each
Astronomers observe most distant galaxy ever spotted
Quiz: How much do you know about space?
Future of International Space Station in the balance, Russian official says
Star 13 billion light years from Earth is most distant ever discovered
Dr Niamh Shaw: Why space travel is much more than a billionaire’s pastime
Planetary bodies seen for first time in habitable zone of dead star
SpaceX satellites falling out of orbit after solar storm, but experts say no danger posed
World's most powerful space telescope reaches final destination a million miles from Earth
A morning eclipse to a rare moon-and-Mars meeting - here's what to look up for in 2022
Space telescope project started in 1989 set to launch Christmas eve