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# society - Friday 2 October, 2020

Opinion: 'The pandemic isn't down to one reckless group - it's because of the contagiousness of Covid-19'

Behavioural expert Dr Shane Timmons says that disapproval from the right sources is the key to fighting non-compliance.

# society - Friday 14 August, 2020

Dr Anthony O'Connor: 'The rhetoric of “all being in it together” is dead'

What we now reap is the harvest of decades of inaction on what voters just six short months ago told us were the major issues affecting our society, writes Dr Anthony O’Connor.

# society - Wednesday 10 April, 2019

Brides and grooms are still getting older (but only in opposite sex marriages)

Same sex marriages still happen at a later age, but this is changing.

# society - Saturday 23 February, 2019

From The42 'I'm like: I just got a medal for my country, so why am I being scrutinised over the colour of my skin?' Racism

'I'm like: I just got a medal for my country, so why am I being scrutinised over the colour of my skin?'

Rianna Jarrett and Gina Akpe-Moses discuss race, Irish society and sport.

# society - Tuesday 25 December, 2018

The Sick and Indigent Roomkeepers Society: Dublin's oldest charity and its plan to make it to 2040

The former headquarters is a landmark in Dublin City Centre.

# society - Thursday 12 July, 2018

Taoiseach says gardaí will have to work 'anti-social' hours for the good of society

Leo Varadkar said there are 600 more gardaí now than two years ago.

# society - Thursday 28 June, 2018

Panda conservation is worth billions of dollars a year

A new study looked at pandas and their reserves, and compared them in 1980 to today.

# society - Sunday 18 March, 2018

German minister criticised for saying Islam is 'not part of Germany'

Germany’s Muslim community is estimated to be about 4.5 million.

# society - Friday 16 March, 2018

# society - Tuesday 23 May, 2017

Hindu chef unfairly dismissed after going on prayer leave after his dad died

The chef was required to mourn for 40 days.

# society - Thursday 11 May, 2017

Census 2016: Donegal people are loyal to their home and there are plenty of blow-ins in Meath

The latest batch of Census results have been released.

# society - Thursday 13 April, 2017

The average age for Irish brides and grooms is getting older and older

For men it’s nearly 36 and for women it’s nearly 34.

# society - Friday 3 March, 2017

Abortion as an option in Ireland? Just 28% are in favour of it

Most people are opposed to a choice in all circumstances.

# society - Wednesday 1 March, 2017

Here's how many multi-millionaires Ireland gained last year

Some people are doing very well.

# society - Tuesday 17 January, 2017

Only 8% of working-age Travellers have completed the Leaving Cert

The level of educational disadvantage has been laid out in a new report.

# society - Friday 11 November, 2016

Anxious and full of self-doubt? It might be the quarterlife crisis

…And why this crisis is not actually a bad thing.

# society - Wednesday 9 November, 2016

What made Trump's 'Make America Great Again' slogan so powerful?

It was the slogan that he built a campaign on.

# society - Thursday 3 November, 2016

Do the 44% of Irish people who are single in their 30s suffer stigma?

Times have moved on from research in the 1990s which found society less understanding.

# society - Sunday 23 October, 2016

Could these 9 ideas change Ireland for the better?

We often think that we have to wait for the system to change things – but we don’t, argues SEI’s Darren Ryan.

# society - Monday 17 October, 2016

'Don't share so much on social media' - advice for your 20s from those who have been there

Retired people on why you shouldn’t worry ‘until worry worries you’.

# society - Saturday 15 October, 2016

# society - Sunday 29 May, 2016

New documentary asks what turned these teenagers into killers

Some of the most brutal murders in this country were carried out by teens who showed little remorse afterwards.

# society - Sunday 24 April, 2016

9 questions you've probably had about filling out Census 2016

Pen at the ready.

# society - Tuesday 2 February, 2016

From The Daily Edge 15 people who don't give a damn about your 'rules' Dgaff

15 people who don't give a damn about your 'rules'

Break the system.

# society - Saturday 30 January, 2016

Pictures: Inside the surreal world of the migrant 'Jungle' at Calais

An entire society has sprung up on the outskirts of the French town, with the refugees living there making the most of the little that they have.

# society - Friday 15 January, 2016

The head of the Irish Cancer Society is taking a €10k pay cut

It follows the controversial decision to cut the hardship fund for families of children with cancer – which was later reversed.

# society - Tuesday 14 July, 2015

Miss USA crowned amid controversy over Donald Trump's Mexican immigrant comments

Questions over immigration or Trump’s comments did not come up at the competition.

# society - Saturday 14 February, 2015

'Members of Travelling community too young to drink, drive or smoke crossing border to get married'

Labour Senator James Heffernan said he knew of girls aged as young as 12 who knew whom they would be marrying.

# society - Wednesday 4 February, 2015

"'There's no heroin here, it's only a Dublin thing' - it's complete lies"

An Irish play tackles drug use head on.

# society - Saturday 31 January, 2015

You might be related to one of these esteemed looking gentlemen

Refinement is easier to pull off in black and white.

# society - Thursday 1 January, 2015

The good, the bad and the ugly: Are selfies turning us all into narcissists?

Or were we already halfway there?

# society - Friday 5 December, 2014

Opinion: There has been a shift in Ireland’s political climate... but why now?

Given the fact that we have been living through turbulent political times for the past six years, why are such profound shifts in political consciousness happening now?

# society - Monday 6 October, 2014

Open house: What we learned about homelessness this week

#1: Some of the most eloquent voices in this crisis are those of homeless people themselves.

# society - Sunday 28 September, 2014

No Shelter: Our homelessness crisis is at boiling point - we want Ireland to talk about it has travelled the country to speak to people on the frontline of homelessness – and those people and organisations trying to find a solution.

# society - Friday 30 May, 2014

Jack and Emily remain top dogs but celebrity babies make their mark

Dia dhuit is mise…

# society - Friday 18 April, 2014

Does religion play a negative role in our society? 36% of Irish people think so

Older people are far more positive towards the role of religion in society.

# society - Wednesday 2 April, 2014

Whistleblowers have been vital in undercovering secrets in Ireland, says Observer editor

John Mulholland, the Dublin-born editor of the Observer, said that the Edward Snowden story had opened people’s eyes to issues around journalistic security.

# society - Wednesday 19 March, 2014

Ireland's suicide rate is below EU average - OECD report

The study found that incomes and employment in Ireland remain far below their pre-crisis levels.

# society - Sunday 9 March, 2014

These tips might help you to remember names

Warning: it does take some concentration.

Poll: Do BOD and Beyoncé represent the new celebrity icons in Irish society? Your Say This post contains a poll

Poll: Do BOD and Beyoncé represent the new celebrity icons in Irish society?

With people not looking up to politicians and attendances at church falling, are celebrities filling the void?

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