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Facebook parent company Meta and TikTok decline invite to Oireachtas committee
TikTok fined £12.7 million in UK after it ‘did not do enough’ to keep under-13s off platform
Tusla contacted social media platforms several times last year over online abuse towards staff
France becomes latest country to ban TikTok from public employee work phones
TikTok chief faces off with US lawmakers as ban looms
Taoiseach says Govt seeking expert advice on TikTok after UK bans app on work devices
Gardaí investigating alleged Waterford assault arrest woman for allegedly making false statement
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Vast majority of LGBTQ+ young people exposed to 'dramatic increase' in hateful content online
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European Commission and Council bans staff from using TikTok on official devices
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German woman alleged to have killed a lookalike she found on social media to fake her own death
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Andrew Tate due in Romanian court to appeal against continued detention
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Injunction judgement reserved over allegedly defamatory social media posts by Conor McGregor
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