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# Smoking

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# Your Say
Poll: Is it okay to smoke around your children?
Yes, no or sometimes?
How do Ireland's smoking levels compare with Europe? Pretty good actually
Today is World No Tobacco Day.
# stub it out
How do you get smokers to quit? Pay them
“With such unprecedented rates of success, the trick now is to figure out how to get more people to sign up — to feel like they have skin in the game.”
# Cough Cough
Who said that? Don't be shocked by coughing and talking bus shelters
It’s part of a campaign to raise awareness of the key signs of lung cancer.
# Richard Overton
Oldest US veteran turns 109 (and still smokes like a trooper)
Richard Overton fought in World War II.
# kick the habit
The workplace smoking ban didn't stop people smoking and the Celtic Tiger is to blame
Research by the ESRI found there was actually a larger decrease in smoking among non-workers.
# blazing squad
9 favourite activities people do when they're stoned
Because they got high, because they got high…
# Smokes
Is tougher legislation needed for e-cigarettes?
That’s what the the Irish Cancer Society is calling for.
# lovely fags
Being unhealthy can be a bit of a goldmine...
An Irish pension provider is offering larger payouts to people who are, well, likely to die sooner.
# risk detection
Could you have a stroke in the next 10 years? Where you live could have a lot to do with it...
A new risk detection method aims to predict heart disease and strokes in people over 40.
# Development
These scans show the harmful effects of smoking on unborn babies
Researchers say the effects may be seen in the facial movements of unborn babies.
# Up In Smoke
Big Tobacco lobbied hard and aggressively... but lost anyway
Ireland’s new plain packaging laws have been the subject of much criticism from Big Tobacco – and legal threats.
# Analysis
Big Tobacco says plain-packaging laws are a 'failure' - are they telling the truth?
We sift through the facts and fiction on the government’s anti-smoking plan.
# breaking the habit
Government has paid €4 million to firms linked to Big Tobacco since 2013
James Reilly oversaw a €300,000 contract involving a law firm that had represented the tobacco industry when he was Health Minister.
One year on: 'If even one person stops smoking, then it will all be worth it’
It’s one year since the death of Gerry Collins, but he continues to inspire people to quit smoking.
Why are tobacco companies opposing this so vigorously? They're afraid.
Multinational tobacco companies don’t want to see Ireland introduce plain packaging because they know it works, writes Minister James Reilly.
# Lighten up
Why we should 'relax the smoking ban in bars and give smokers a break'
Finian McGrath believes that smokers are soft targets.
# give up your aul sins
Why are so many non-religious people still giving things up for Lent?
Many Christian traditions have lost their appeal but Lent remains popular, for good reasons, lifestyle experts say.
# War on Tobacco
Big Tobacco is threatening James Reilly but plain packs 'will be in shops by May 2017'
Minister James Reilly said he “must drive forward” the legislation.
# impaired thinking
Are you a smoker? Cigarettes could shrink a vital part of your brain
Giving up could help reverse the problem, researchers have found.
# cheery reading
The things most likely to kill you in one handy infographic
People worry about being murdered and dying in plane crashes but the NHS says it’s the heart disease that’ll get you.
# Smoking
Chocolate or cigarettes? This is how these scientists prove plain packaging tobacco works
New research finds plain packaging reduces ‘cigarette-seeking’ by almost 10%.
# financial incentive
How to get pregnant women to quit smoking? Pay them
More than 20% of the women offered vouchers kicked the habit, compared with 9% given normal NHS support alone.
# Quitting
9 reasons you should definitely quit smoking this year
It’s time.
# Growing up in Ireland
Women smoke to 'deal with stress of pregnancy'
And it makes children weigh less at birth.
# Nicotine
Find it difficult to quit smoking? This might be why
A study has revealed the rate at which smokers metabolise nicotine could predict the best way to quit.
# lighting up
Arsene Wenger used to smoke cigarettes on the bench at Monaco
He even used to sell them when he was younger.
# State Papers
Back in 1984 the Government was worried about banning smoking in classrooms
In some schools smoking in the classroom was “an accepted practice”.
Opinion: Preparing for a smoke-free new year? Follow these tips for ditching tobacco
Stopping smoking is likely to give you a better quality of life, peace of mind and add years to your life.
# Smoking
"It takes a long time to accept it, especially when you've caused it yourself"
“I hold my hands up, smoking was a big factor for me.”
# keep her lit
Which county had the most workplace smoking convictions this year?
And which part of the country has most over the last four years?
# Tuberculosis
Irish scientists have figured out ANOTHER way smoking is bad for you
Researchers from Trinity College Dublin have discovered exactly how smokers are more at risk of TB.
# vaping on-air
Could e-cigarette ads like this showing smoking on air be coming to Irish TV?
Local sellers hope Ireland will follow the UK’s lead in featuring ‘vaping’ commercials on television.
# vaping
E-cig ad will be the first since 1965 to show smoking on UK television
Previous incarnations of the advert were banned for being ‘too sexy’.
# no smoking
How much will people be fined for smoking in a car with children?
There’s speculation that the original fine could be €80 but this could go up to €1,000 if the fine isn’t paid and the case is brought to court.
# Your Say
Poll: Is the State right to crack down on smoking?
With new laws to restrict smoking, we’re asking: Nanny state gone too far? Or public health necessity?
# stubbed out
Ireland is one step closer to a ban on smoking near children in cars
A bill will go to the Dáil next week, and has government support.
# Smoking
France to follow Ireland's lead with plain cigarette packaging
Ireland became the first country in Europe to commit to introducing standardised packaging in 2013.
# dark days - black market
Here's what the economic crisis did for illegal cigarettes in Ireland
Short version: the crisis really, really helped illegal tobacco.
# holy smokes
Twitter just made this girl's mum quit smoking
A contract is a contract.