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11th February 2024 - 24th February 2024
Dr Catherine Conlon: We need to get real about the dangers of smartphone use by young children
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EU lawmakers impose single charger for all smartphones from 2024
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Opinion: Sexually violent pornography is being promoted to first-time users of top sites
Two thirds of children contacted by a stranger while gaming online, according to new survey
About 130 phones are stolen per week and only 10% are recovered
Huawei announces plan to open three new stores just days after decision to strip it from UK's 5G network
Covid-19 contact tracing app due to be launched by end of May
Covid-19: HSE says contact tracing app could be rolled out 'in the next 10 days'
Opinion: 'The children I meet are often shattered by their social media use'
'Young people learn about sex through porn, many have no idea what a healthy relationship looks like'
Factcheck: Are horns growing on young people's skulls because of mobile phone use?
Samsung delays launch of folding smartphone amid reports that its screen keeps breaking
Children who own mobile phones at younger age perform worse in reading and maths tests
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Samsung releases new Galaxy smartphone with a promise of 24-hour battery life
Parents and students are being asked for their say on the use of smartphones in schools
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66% of parents don't want children under 14 to have smartphones
Varadkar says children need to be protected from predators online
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'False sense of security': Warning for parents who use smart devices to keep tabs on their children
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Young people are worried they are addicted to their smartphones
Giving toddlers tablets and smartphones can 'harm their speech development'
Some of Three's customers wrongly told they've spent hundreds on internet services
French workers win 'right to disconnect' from emails out of work hours
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