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Last year
Russia attacks Ukrainian port before grain deal talks between Putin and Turkey
Russia continues to shell Ukraine amid grinding push in east
All time
UN atomic watchdog calls for security zone around Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant
UN nuclear agency team arrive at Russia-held power plant in Ukraine
Six killed by Russian shelling in Kharkiv as Ukraine warns Moscow will step up Donbas fight
Kharkiv regional chief Oleg Synyegubov said Russian fire today targeted "a shopping centre and civilian residences".
30 people were killed by Russian strikes over the weekend on the town of Chasiv Yar in the Donetsk region.
Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree to fast-track citizenship for all Ukrainians.
Russia says it could target Western arms supplies to Ukraine
Alleged Syria chemical attack unites nations in condemnation as Trump calls al-Assad an 'animal'
Pockets of fighting erupt after a calm start to Syria's new ceasefire
Shelling of UN school in Gaza 'must be investigated'
Ten civilians killed after playground and minibus are shelled in Ukraine
Israel announces limited 'humanitarian' ceasefire
Three more children have been killed in Israeli raids on Gaza tonight
Syria Through a Lens: life of slain filmmaker and activist honoured
Syria: Shelling continues as Eid is celebrated
Syria: At least 162 reported killed across country
Syrian activists report renewed shelling in Homs
UN suspends Syria mission as violence intensifies
LIVE STREAM: Homs hit by new wave of attacks
Syrian troops renew shelling of Homs, 38 killed
Syrian regime troops shell rebels in mountains
Army mortar shells kill 10 in Syrian village
Syrian activists: Homs calm as UN team visits
Activists claim Syrian troops are widening shelling attacks
Nine dead as Syrian troops shell Homs ahead of UN resolution vote
Red Cross denied entry to besieged Homs neighbourhood
French journalist injured in Homs shelling appeals for evacuation
Video: Marie Colvin's mother talks about war reporter's plans to leave Syria
More deaths as shelling continues in Syrian city of Homs