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25th February 2024 - 2nd March 2024
Review into sex work law to be published later this year, four years after initial deadline
Last month
February 2024
Criminalising purchase of sex, such as in Ireland, increases risk of violence, says Council of Europe
Sex workers sent death threats after replying to text scam
Very few crimes against sex workers are reported to gardaí, an advocacy group said.
A number of people were threatened with physical or sexual violence
Foreign-national sex workers were targeted by the scam
"The texts and calls turned violent, people saying things like they were going to have a hitman kill them."
Still no sign of review into sex work law - over three years after it was due to be published
All time
Gardaí probe concerns of sexual trafficking in the south-west
Opinion: Exploring sex work in Ireland - eight inch heels, pink acrylics and stigma
Opinion: The hyperfocus on our punters blinds people to the real issues sex workers face
State is failing to protect sex workers from violence, Amnesty International says
OnlyFans to ban sexually explicit content from its platform
'Sex workers are seen as either criminal or victim, but we're just people trying to survive'
Gardaí speak to 23 people suspected of purchasing sexual services
Ex-sex worker asks judge to stop woman publishing claims she never 'worked' certain Dublin streets
Gardaí question 38 people suspected of purchasing sexual services
Banning the purchase of sex in NI has actually led to an increase in sex workers, report finds
Gardaí attempt to tackle 'highest concentration of sex workers' in north Dublin suburb
36 people questioned by gardaí as part of weekend operation targeting the buying of sex
Opinion: Laws that criminalise sex buyers are making life more dangerous for sex workers
Opinion: 'All labour involves selling our bodies in some form, so what is different about sex work?'
Kate McGrew: 'I came out to my parents as a sex worker on national television'
Red Cross says more than 20 staff have left after 'paying for sexual services'
People urged to call Irish mobile number to hear the reality of sex trafficking here
'I feel unsafe now I work alone': Inside the world of Ireland's sex workers
Chinese 'comfort women' are fighting to have their history of sex slavery remembered
'This approach will not help victims of trafficking': Groups at odds as sex bill passes final stage
Gardaí don't believe young sex workers were operating Galway brothel on their own
FactCheck: Would a new government bill really decriminalise sex workers?
"Not all people in prostitution are exploited" - John Halligan defends stance on legalising sex work
Woman who ran four brothels in Dublin is jailed
Dutch brothel owners now have to speak the same language as sex workers
Sex workers hit out at new bill criminalising prostitution clients
Irish men are being asked to say what they think about sex work
Debating prostitution? Why not listen to sex workers for once?
A sex worker went on Ray D'Arcy to talk about her campaign ... she wasn't happy with how it went
Failure to crack down on sex trafficking will make communities 'safe havens for pimps'
Poll: Should it be a crime to pay for sex?
Ireland's ban on the purchase of sex will be challenged by a sex worker
Opinion: Buying a woman's body for sexual gratification is not a harmless act
Masked sex workers to hold candlelit vigil outside Leinster House
British porn enthusiasts stage face-sitting protest against new law
One man arrested in massive Garda operation into prostitution