# Security Breach

Last year
MTU Cork campuses remain closed over IT breach at weekend
All time
Man arrested at Harcourt Square garda offices in Dublin following alleged security breach
Police surprised by Euro 2020 final security breach at Wembley
WhatsApp has identified a 'serious security vulnerability' - Here's what you need to know
Facebook admits its staff had access to millions of users' passwords
82-year-old ex-US marine remanded in jail over alleged security breach at Shannon Airport
Two 'former US soldiers' arrested after breaching security perimeter at Shannon Airport
PSNI launches investigation after private image of female officer shared online
Man arrested after climbing over fence at Buckingham Palace 'had been drinking'
Man who scaled Buckingham Palace walls was a convicted murderer
Man arrested after scaling wall at Buckingham Palace
U2 gig to go ahead tomorrow after 'security threat' forces evacuation of Stockholm show
Security increased in 'nervy' Paris after fan invades court for selfie with Federer
The Secret Service want to build a mock-up of the White House
Someone shoved David Cameron while he visited Leeds today
Spotify suffers security breach, but only one user was affected email user? Change your password after an attempted hacking of the service
20 million South Koreans affected by country's largest-ever data theft
Column: Bradley Manning broke the law, but he placed more value on morality than legality
LinkedIn says all accounts secure again after password hack
Secondary school students call for increased security after Leaving Cert breach
Student sentenced to eight months over Facebook hacking
The Daily Fix: Friday
Sony investigates claim of another security breach
Sony defends reaction to security breach
Apple iPhones hacked
Details of 100m Facebook users collected and available for download