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Last month
February 2024
Scammers trick firm out of $26 million by impersonating senior executives using deepfakes
Last year
Scammers targeting renters in arrears 'preying on the most vulnerable'
Fraudsters impersonating gardaí target schools with scam emails
All time
US scammers may have taken over $45 billion in pandemic aid, says watchdog
Three men sentenced for romance fraud that scammed woman out of €254,000
Getting scam calls from numbers very similar to your own? It's called neighbour spoofing
Vast majority of people have received a scam call from an Irish number in the past month
Almost three-quarters of Irish adults said they received a scam call from an Irish number at some point over the past month.
A new survey from Red C/The Journal shows half of adults received a call in the last week, Orla Dwyer reports.
Recent common scam calls consist of a pre-recorded message purporting to be from the Department of Social Protection.
Bank of Ireland warns customers of 'alarming' fraud increase
People reminded to hang up scam calls and not engage as reports continue
Covid fraudsters: Here are the most common scams and how to avoid them
Graham Norton has been named the most dangerous celebrity to search for online in the UK
Pair arrested in Belfast over recent scams targeting vulnerable people during pandemic
Banking institutes warn customers to be 'extra vigilant' of Covid-19 online scams
Businesses warned of new payroll scam targeting employee salaries during busy Christmas season
Internet fraudsters caught out after mistakenly ringing garda station
Bank of Ireland warns customers over 'vishing' scammers pretending to be from the bank
Gardaí warn people after victims lose thousands of euro in iTunes gift card scam
Australian Embassy says Irish are welcome and valued in wake of Minister's comments
Australian minister tells homeowners to 'automatically' tell Irish people to get away from their door
Credit card fraud: Irish sports retailer targeted 172 times in two weeks
At least two arrested over 'tissue packet begging scam' on Irish trains
AA warns car buyers about new mileage 'lowballing' scam
SuperValu warns customers not to respond to email fraudster
Woman sends online 'boyfriend' $1.4m, without ever meeting him
Scammers target Irish students desperate for somewhere to live
Scammers targeting shops in attempt to get card details