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Boy (8) dies after shooting at California school
Two dead, two children critical following elementary school shooting in southern California
US politicians want unbreakable encryption on your smartphone to be illegal
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Friend of San Bernardino shooter charged with terror conspiracy
Man who gave guns to San Bernardino shooters arrested
San Bernardino shooters "were radicalised before they met"
"This was an act of terrorism": Obama in rare Oval Office address
US politician posts Christmas portrait showing family posing with guns
First picture of female San Bernardino shooter released
Who were the victims of the San Bernardino shooting?
The FBI is now officially investigating the California shooting as an 'act of terrorism'
Dozens of journalists crowd into home of San Bernardino suspects
Couple left baby with relatives before shooting rampage that claimed 14 lives
Two San Bernardino attackers identified, 14 confirmed dead in shooting
Sitdown Sunday: 7 deadly reads
Untrained wife flies plane to safety after pilot husband takes ill