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# Said and done

All time
Butter no parsnips and commode: The week in quotes
“Falling bond yields butter no parsnips.”
It was different in the 1970s and Robbie Keane: The week in quotes
“There’s this message that they come out with, that individuals must take responsibility for their own drinking – I just don’t buy that.”
May God forgive you and horrific step: The week in quotes
“Then he toasted us and said, ‘May God forgive you for what you’ve done.’”
Money tree and immaterial: The week in quotes
“I will speak until I can no longer speak. I will speak as long as it takes.”
Swallow hard and testosterone boost: The week in quotes
“The Troika has done more damage to Ireland than Britain ever did in 800 years.”
Dropping like flies and dominant ideology: The week in quotes
“There is nothing so blind as the blindness imposed by a dominant ideology, and a subservient State. A blindness that can subvert what our human intuition knows to be right and wrong.”
Gravity of this act and ripped us apart: The week in quotes
“I believe they should be housed in a community of their own.”
Taking note and Dáil bar: The week in quotes
“I’m afraid the sight of the deputy in full flight standing on a moral soapbox just makes it a little bit difficult not to totally throw up.”
Hot whiskey and cover your ass: The week in quotes
“The Irish government is not going to default.”
We'll see about that and in/out referendum: The week in quotes
“A terrorist shouted ‘open the door!’ with a strong North American accent, and opened fire. Two other Japanese died then and we found four other Japanese bodies.”
Proper title and people's bedrooms: The week in quotes
“We also need to stay out of people’s bedrooms. The party that is for small government shouldn’t be over-reaching into people’s private lives.”
Groomed the nation and bulging disc: The week in quotes
“I just had a bulging disc that came out and it’s difficult. What happens is when the bulge comes out it’s like a piece of toothpaste coming out of an onion and that normally hits the nerve and causes you pain.”
Disposable items and Mrs Merkel: The week in quotes
“It’s not something I was used to and it’s not something I felt I deserved.”
'A logistical, logarithmic progression' : The year in 46 quotes
“It’s clear that people are pissed off with us as a government” and 45 other quotes that tell the story of 2012.
Double-think and out of touch: The week in quotes
“It would pave the way for the direct and intentional killing of unborn children. This can never be morally justified in any circumstances.”
Latin phrases and Rocky: The week in quotes
“Acta non verba!”
Disturbing and undemocratic: The week in quotes
“Please desist from insulting the way I dress. Please desist from it.”
Deep unease and not an option: The week in quotes
“The Supreme Court is absolutely clear about this issue and the people have been absolutely clear.”
Soft target and no way to live: The week in quotes
“We just can’t believe that in the 21st century something like this would happen.”
Catholic country and contrition: The week in quotes
“I was out there last night and he’s definitely alive.”
Cop-on and women of a certain age: The week in quotes
“He’s obviously a very popular figure, particularly popular with women of a certain age group.”
Postponing Halloween and heinous act: The week in quotes
“They took all my money, my company, put my son in jail, put me in jail and they have proven nothing.”
Inherent wickedness and tweak my ears: The week in quotes
“Thank you very much Mary for that introduction and you can er, tweak my ears any time.”
Binders and crossing the Alps barefoot: The week in quotes
“I went to a number of women’s groups and I said ‘can you help us find folks?’and they brought us whole binders full of women.”
Chillaxing and Playboy: The week in quotes
“I do think we need to, I don’t think there’s a parliamentary word for chillax but I think everyone needs to take a step back.”
False years and Big Bird: The week in quotes
“The Celtic Tiger years were false years. They were built on a veneer of endless wealth without hard work.”
Creepy feeling and red lines: The week in quotes
“It’s a rather creepy feeling that Ireland’s neutrality would be ignored. But then, that’s Hitler for you.”
A cow, a goat, a sheep, a flower: The week in quotes
“There are 47 per cent who are with him, who are dependent on government, who believe they are victims.”
Diamond bazooka and not be afraid: The week in quotes
“I’ve always felt more British than Irish.”
Silly season and big new bazooka: The week in quotes
“I tried my best and I didn’t succeed.”
Flagrant abuse and void of principle: The week in quotes
“People across the country are wondering where is their Minister for Health and who is in charge?”
Legitimate rape and nonsense: The week in quotes
“Sat by some bins, had a cry and rang my mammy.”
Celebration and frustration: The week in quotes
“I’m going to Ibiza with the lads! I’ll probably come back a raging alcoholic.”
Astronomical figures and Dáil drinks: The week in quotes
“Either take off the cross or put on pants.”
Glistening like wet otters: The week in quotes
“He always got the last word in every conversation.”
Unreasonable and outrageous: The week in quotes
“I am not guilty of these charges.”
Nauseating and conspiracies: The week in quotes
“I think throwing out conspiracies like a man standing at the bar in a pub is quite unacceptable.”
Box ticking and trees in the city: The week in quotes
“Minister, I urge you, I think they should be arrested.”
John Terry and hind tit: The week in quotes
“The performance of the Government since last Friday has been so brazen it would make John Terry blush.”
Euro 2012: The good, the bad and the frustratingly inconsistent
Miguel Delaney lists the the stand-out performers as well as the biggest flops at this summer’s finals.