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This week
25th February 2024 - 29th February 2024
'What Peter O’Mahony does well is something Ryan Baird is starting to match now'
Last week
18th February 2024 - 24th February 2024
'To leave in the middle of a season, things must be at a pretty low ebb'
Gatland 'totally invigorated' by opportunity to re-establish Wales as a major power
This month
February 2024
'It’s a better idea to compare Crowley to the Sexton who broke into the Irish team in 2009'
'He’s the best suited scrum-half in the world to the way that we want to play'
Last month
January 2024
'We've made an absolute balls of it' - Jackman laments uncertainty over O'Mahony's future
‘We’ve left him in a very poor situation. His employers have done that.’
'It massively strengthens O’Mahony’s hand if he wants to play beyond the end of the season'
'You probably need some people with his skill set to take it to France and trouble them'
Eoin Toolan: Munster having to sign an NIQ out-half would make for a broken system
Which law should be changed to improve rugby?
Are some Ireland players suffering from a World Cup hangover?
The Rugby Weekly Extra podcast discussed the psychological challenge of adapting to provincial rugby after France.
Last year
'In my opinion, Frawley stole the show'
'Is it happening in Ulster? I don’t really think so if I’m being honest'
'I think he has and he has the ability to play six at a very high level'
'Crowley was excellent and for me, he's the man to replace Johnny'
Eoin Toolan: Connacht's star man Blade can play his way into Six Nations contention
'They’re really stacked in that back line, Ulster'
'Maybe Flannery gives you more upside and I think it's worth persevering with that'
'There might be teething problems if they revolutionise their defence. But so be it'
'There's going to be so much pressure on Wayne Barnes from a scrum perspective'
'There was a bit of bite to him... he was so aggressive in his intent'
'I think they'll look to use a genuine running threat at 10 - and we'll see this with Crowley'
Should Johnny Sexton have been replaced by Jack Crowley?
'There's nobody better in world rugby than Joe when it comes to exploiting weaknesses'
'I’d say Joe’s been prepping for this game ever since he joined the New Zealand ticket'
The changes Gregor Townsend may make for Scotland's 'emotional' meeting with Ireland
'The rumours of the All Blacks' demise were exaggerated'
Eoin Toolan: Hiring Eddie Jones has left Australian rugby in even more perilous position
'Ireland can still win it but I think South Africa have come out of this laughing'
'From a backs perspective, Ireland are going to be licking their lips'
'If you look at that November game, it's a pretty good blueprint on how to beat South Africa'
'It's more about players getting on pace with Sexton than Sexton getting on pace with the game'
'For the Boks game, it'd be James Ryan and Iain Henderson in the second row for me'
'Those teams who've beaten New Zealand have probably got a bit more might up front'
'This World Cup will be remembered for three to four players who will transcend the game'
'Maybe there’s a risk of injury, but you need an edge a week before you play the Boks'
'I think Jack is going to pass out Ross, that’s my gut feeling at the moment'
'This decision casts a huge shadow over the game... I think World Rugby will appeal'
'He's clearly set to be one of the biggest stars of the World Cup'
'For me, it's a rugby incident... Mallía effected the charge down'