# Renting

This year
More than 5,000 applications for 535 cost-rental homes in Dublin and Kildare
Motion to increase tax on bulk buying of homes for private rental to be opposed by Govt
Last year
Government aims for new short-term let rules to be up and running by summer 2024
Expert group to examine the whole process around buying a house from bidding to probate
Housing minister to meet European Commission next month over delays in Airbnb crackdown
Threshold calls for NCT-style inspections of rental properties over concerns about poor standards
Rent for sitting tenants is over 15% lower than rent for newer tenants in similar properties
Average rent for new tenancies in Ireland rose by almost 9% year-on-year
Over 5,700 notices to quit issued to tenants in second quarter after eviction ban lifted
New income limit for cost-rental scheme comes into effect, increasing to €66,000 in Dublin
Just one in ten registered tenants have claimed €500 rent tax credit this year
Irish households generally don't spend more income on housing compared to elsewhere in Europe
Cabinet signs off on cost-rental income ceiling increase for renters
Department of Housing returned more than €380m to exchequer due to underspend by Govt
Census 2022: New stats show how much average rents have risen in the private sector since 2016
Govt summer priorities: Renters' rights, safe access zones, vaping rules and late-night pubs
'Where will they go?': Coveney says invalid notices to quit should be challenged
Taoiseach says Govt did not have exact RTB figures when deciding to lift eviction ban
Taoiseach calls for 'accurate' language, says notices to quit are not evictions
Measures to allow social welfare recipients to earn up to €14k a year in rent being extended
Sinn Féin motion to call for eviction ban to be extended to January 2024
'We have turned a corner': Pre-budget tax breaks for renters and landlords dismissed by Tánaiste
Nearly 5,000 eviction notices were served on tenants between July and September last summer
Extending eviction ban would reduce number of rental properties even more, says O'Brien
Landlords selling property will have to give tenant option to buy under new scheme
Varadkar defends ending eviction ban as Opposition TDs slam 'heartless' decision
Coalition leaders and the Housing Minister decided at a meeting last night to lift the eviction ban as planned on 31 March.
Opposition politicians and housing activists have condemning the move.
Sinn Féin's Eoin Ó Bróin said the decision 'will mean more adults, children & pensioners will become homeless from April'.
Coalition leaders agree to lift eviction ban as planned on 31 March
Government's mind is still not made up on whether to extend the eviction ban
Ireland should follow Denmark and require vacant properties to be rented out, Varadkar advised
Landlords should get tax breaks in return for longer tenancies, Taoiseach advised
Govt to make a call on eviction ban 'shortly', says Taoiseach
Threshold says 40% of tenancy terminations for property sale were invalid in last quarter of 2022
Landlord tax breaks 'not off the table' as judgement call to be made before end of March
All time
Taoiseach to meet experts in housing in the coming weeks as Govt attempt to kick-start acceleration plan
Court hears three men were 'assaulted by gang' who demanded they move out of rented apartment
Dublin property price ceilings under First Home Scheme to increase to €475,000
Cabinet approves new short-term let register aimed at bringing 12,000 properties back into use
Over 10,000 people who contacted housing non-profit were at risk of homelessness
Quarter of small landlords likely to sell rental properties in next five years, Committee to hear
Varadkar says Ireland's rents are 'unacceptably high' and compare unfavorably against most EU cities