# Reforms

Last year
Government drops plans for teacher-based assessment of Leaving Cert, blaming AI
All time
'It's fair value for 44c a day': RTÉ boss to make direct appeal to politicians over TV licence reforms
RTÉ shelves plan to sell RTÉ Guide as part of organisation reforms
Minister moves to reassure public that reformed property tax will be 'affordable' and 'fair'
High Court judge says changes in Poland have 'systematically damaged' the rule of law and breached democracy
Responsibility for three State agencies is being removed from Justice Department
'Hearing a prayer at the start of the new Dáil grated against my nerves'
'Time is fast running out for rogue operators': Crackdown on English language colleges
Minister to teachers: 'Call off your strike' ... Teachers to minister: 'No'
A Galway man is introducing Barack Obama in Chicago tonight
Jan O'Sullivan rules out any more compromise on her Junior Cycle reforms
New plan will make it easier to sack civil servants who are doing a bad job
New laws will see asylum seekers spend less time in Direct Provision
Teachers tell minister they will continue their fight over Junior Cycle reforms
Nine months after it was saved, the Seanad is finally being reformed
What did Alan Shatter do in office?
Turkish parliament passes judicial reforms... despite broken bones and bloody noses
Opt for Life campaign welcome organ donation reforms
Rich pensioners 'should give back any handouts they don't need'
'Not fit for purpose?' Why the Dáil's party whip system may need reform
Committee set up to help with local government reforms
Howlin: 'We would expect people invited by Labour Court to turn up'
Mixed response to Hogan's plans for local council cull
Significant reforms will see planning powers of councillors curtailed
Number of local authorities to be slashed from 114 to 31
Ireland making 'such good progress on all fronts' - Van Rompuy
Greece 'committed' to reforms to avert bankruptcy
Generation of North Koreans 'stunted and malnourished'
France's Socialist Party poised to take parliamentary majority
Japan to forgive €2.8 billion of Burma's debt
Tougher sanctions on way for jobseekers
McCarthy bemoans Government's "ham-fisted" public retirement scheme
Howlin: 'Foolish' to say there won't be problems with public sector exodus
Massive protests take place in Russia over alleged election fraud
Government to unveil public service reform plans
Thousands take to streets of Cairo for "second revolution" in Egypt