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# Red Planet

Last year
# to the stars
Musk 'highly confident' of Starship orbital launch this year
Musk wants to colonize Mars as a “life insurance” in case of catastrophe on Earth.
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# Red Planet
NASA releases panorama view of landing site of Perseverance rover on Mars
The panorama is composed of 142 individual images stitched together on Earth, NASA said.
# Red Planet
Nasa’s Mars Perseverance rover lands on the red planet
The rover landed on the red planet in the Jezero Crater at 8:55 Irish time.
# Red Planet
Nasa's Perseverance rover set for 'seven minutes of terror' as it seeks to land on Mars this evening
Perseverance is the largest and most sophisticated vehicle ever sent to Mars.
# Perseverance
NASA launches latest rover mission to search for life on Mars
The rocket took off in California despite a 4.2 magnitude earthquake.
# martian task
Here's what Nasa's InSight lander has been up to this week
We have the details on what its next few weeks will be like.
# mars landing
'Touchdown confirmed': NASA's InSight Mars explorer lands on Red Planet
More than half of 43 attempts to reach Mars with rovers, orbiters and probes have failed.
# Water Water Everywhere
Lake of water discovered beneath the surface of Mars
The discovery has led to the eternal question to be asked once more – could there be life on Mars?
# Red Planet
Nasa's Curiosity rover has sent back some holiday pics from Mars
The planet’s layered geologic past is shown in new color images returned by the unmanned rover, which is exploring lower Mount Sharp.
# Red Planet
Here are 40 amazing photos of Mars taken by the Nasa Orbiter
The Mars Orbiter has been taking stunning photos of the planet for nearly 10 years – here are the cream of the most recent crop.
# Red Planet
Flowing water has been seen on Mars
And water could mean life.
# Mars none
Irish scientist kicked out of Mars mission for saying the mission is "hopelessly flawed"
So he probably won’t be too upset.
Next phase: Irish 'Mars One' hopeful Dr Joseph Roche has made the final 100
50 men and 50 women have been named in the final 100 this morning. The high cost of the mooted mission precludes the option of a return trip.
# Holiday Plans
How long could a human survive on Mars wearing only jeans and a t-shirt?
Clue: Not very long.
# the wrong stuff
A third of the 'Mars One' hopefuls have dropped out ... but all three Irish candidates still in the running
Over 300 people have dropped out of contention for the Mars One project, due to medical or other personal reasons.
# to boldly go
"An adventure of a lifetime.." This Irish doctor's also on the shortlist to go to Mars
Dr Catherine McGrath joins Trinity scientist Joseph Roche and Cork-based IT engineer Steve Menaa on the list of Irish-based candidates for the ambitious ‘Mars One’ project.
Column: Look up! The Red Planet is continuing to shine brightly in the night sky
With Mars currently in opposition, and shining with an orange tinge, Conor Farrell explores our fascination with the Red Planet.
# interstellar trekker
Is there life on Mars? Ten years on the Opportunity rover is still looking
The rover was only supposed to run for 90 days, but 10 years a 40 Martian kilometers later, it shows no signs of stopping.
# Mission to Mars
One-way trip to Mars? Sign me up, says French woman
Florence Porcel is down to the last 1,000 candidates for the six-month, no-return trip.
# Mars
India to launch first Mars mission tomorrow
The country is aiming to become the only Asian nation to reach the Red Planet.
# Red Planet
Life on Mars? Not looking likely, says new NASA study
New findings from NASA’s Curiosity rover found only tiny amounts of methane gas in the atmosphere, making it unlikely that there was life on Mars.
Curiosity rover marks one ground-breaking year of life on Mars
Today will see special NASA livestream events taking place to mark the work of the rover over the past 12 months.
# Mars
Aging Mars rover makes new water discoveries
The unmanned solar-powered vehicle has just analysed what may be its oldest rock ever, known as Esperance 6, which contains evidence that potentially life-supporting water once flowed in abundance.
# planet earth
Billion-year-old water discovered in Canada could give clues to early life on Earth
Life-giving chemicals have been discovered in isolated water believed to be 1.5 billion years old, raising hopes of scientists finding surviving microscopic organisms from a prehistoric age.
# Red Planet
Mars is the next challenge for astronauts - but landing is the biggest obstacle
The Curiosity rover is the size of a small car – but now researchers are looking at how to land something the size of a two-storey house on Mars.
# rude planet
Men are from Mars: €1.9bn NASA Rover draws penis on red planet
The unfortunate sketch was found on the NASA website.
# Mars
Life on Mars? Maybe not. NASA rows back on findings
NASA has downplayed talk of a ‘major discovery’ by its Curiosity rover after remarks by the mission chief raised hopes it may have unearthed evidence life once existed on the planet.
# wish you were here
Cheese! Mars Curiosity rover sends back its first high-resolution self-portrait
Curiosity has used its ‘hand lens imager’ to take 55 photos of itself – and stitch them into one single giant image.
# Nextdoor
Behold! Mankind’s first high-resolution photo from another planet
NASA has released the first high-resolution photo from the Curiosity rover. This is how the neighbours live.
# Red Planet
VIDEO: NASA's Curiosity rover makes its landing on Mars
This video of Curiosity’s landing is humanity’s first recording of a touchdown on another planet.
# current affairs
Here is the week's news... skewed
BREAKING via The Mire wire: The GAA dismisses reports of vajazzling – and the Mars Curiosity rover faces a hostile reaction from the natives.
# Not the News
Here is the week's news... skewed
BREAKING via The Mire wire: The underground sect which has never been exposed to Craig Doyle – and would you trust NAMA to mind your children?
# Mars
In photos: NASA's Curiosity sends first pictures from Mars
Rover snaps its surroundings…
# mars landing
PHOTOS: "Touchdown confirmed!" Celebrations as NASA rover lands on Mars
It took eight years of work, more than €2 billion, and just a bit of luck, but Curiosity touched down on Mars just after 6.30am Irish time.
# mars landing
VIDEO: The happiest group of NASA employees you'll see today
Mars Landing! Whoo!
# The Red Planet
In pics: Missions to Mars through the years
As NASA lands a new exploratory probe on Mars, takes a look back over previous Mars missions…
# final frontier
Life on Mars: how close are we to living in space?
Mankind’s fascination with space has long sparked fantasies of living away from Earth, but is this any closer to becoming a reality?
# Mars
Mars Watch: Tonight's your chance to see the red planet
Giant telescopes set up around country for public to use.
# Red Planet
Scientists find evidence of ancient ocean on Mars
A two-year investigation by a European Space Agency probe has found strong new evidence to show there was once an ocean on the red planet.
# Life on Mars
Watch: NASA's rover blasts into space in search of 'life on Mars'
The Curiosity rover is costing NASA billions but it is hoped it can discover new facts about the red planet.