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Saoirse McHugh: Achill has shown me the link between climate action and rural regeneration
To tackle climate breakdown the two most important areas that Ireland will have to focus on will be transport and agriculture, writes Saoirse McHugh.
The Irish For: The weeds and wildflowers that bother and delight the countryside
Do you know your banshee thimbles from your blue hatreds?
Opinion: The robots are coming - and men should be more worried than women
The rise of automation is threatening widespread job destruction – especially for men.
Lynn Ruane: Sport is part of the solution to address young men's mental health
Services such as the Breakthrough Programme in West Dublin can be a lifesaver for young men.
'The doctors have no idea how to treat her condition': Giving birth to Ireland's smallest surviving baby
Katie Keogh writes about her baby Charlotte who was born with an extremely rare condition.
The Irish For: Cartoons, propaganda and the words children learn
How much do TV shows influence children’s pronunciation and phrases?
From the Garden: Salvaging the last beets of the season and putting them in a kraut
Anyone growing beets will be preparing them for harvest next month.
I felt intense pressure before I did my TEDx talk - but I'm very glad I did it. Here's what I learned
I delivered my talk with my legs shaking – but I managed it in one take, writes Tony Duffin.
Saoirse McHugh: How Ireland can help in fighting the Amazon rainforest fires
Giving money to Brazil may not be the solution, but there are ways to make a difference.
The Irish For: Guns and Gaelic - the history of the right to bear arms
The Irish constitution drew inspiration from others, but did not include the right to bear arms.
'Those who were denied a voice for too long will continue to fight for justice for the lost children of Tuam'
Family members of the 796 babies who died and survivors of the home held a peaceful protest last month.
From the Garden: Healthy back to school recipes to break free from the ham sandwich
Salads, stews and cold omelettes are great options for a back to school lunchbox.
The Irish For: Rising rents mean many prospective tenants are giving Dublin a goodbye 'cíos'
Designating certain areas far away from Dublin as Gaeltachtaí, and then denying them investment so they’d stay that way- was a dreadful mistake.
'Collecting the school voluntary contribution is an unwanted and stressful obligation on principals'
As things stand, the contribution is needed to keep school doors open, writes Joseph A Moynihan.
Katy Hayward: Why we should take note of the unexpected in Boris Johnson's letter to Donald Tusk
Johnson’s letter to Tusk signals the approach the new British prime minister is taking with Europe, writes Katy Hayward.
The Irish For: How a familiar tale can help young bookworms become bilingual
Translating well-known books to Irish could be the best way to get pre-teen bookworms learning Irish.
The Irish For: Teaching toddlers Gaeilge through the art of storytelling
Story-time is a great way to teach preschoolers píosa Gaeilge, writes Darach Ó Séaghdha.
Opinion: The government's new drug policy will do nothing to end the stigmatisation of drug users
The government’s new drug possession policy is not likely to achieve its goals, writes Marcus Keane.
Saoirse McHugh: How to deal with the feeling of hopelessness in the face of climate change
The Green Party candidate says people must unite to fight against climate change.
The Irish For: Bank holidays and Lú, the god of August
In Irish, August is Lúnasa, named in honour of the ancient god Lú, writes Darach Ó Séaghdha.
Lynn Ruane: 'Help for suicide prevention can be hard to identify - and even harder to access'
The independent senator writes about the barriers in suicide prevention when it comes to helping people with their mental health.
Larry Donnelly: We can expect a dramatic cull of the Democratic debate lineup before the next TV clash
Some observers will welcome a clearing out of the long-shots – but others may find it unnerving.
The Irish For: Maura Higgins has brought the word 'shift' to a new audience - but where does it come from?
Shifting is a regional use of a global term, so you can’t just search for the first recorded incidence – you have to look at context.
Lynn Ruane: Child maintenance reform would be good for children - and good for the country
Many one-parent families are living at risk of poverty and an overhaul of our child supports legislation is vital to protecting their future.
The Irish For: An astronaut is a star-sailor, a comet is a paintbrush star
The calling to travel beyond the Earth owes itself to mythology as well as science, writes Darach Ó Séaghdha.
Opinion: When it comes to climate change, is the petroleum industry the only 'bad guy'?
Climate change is undeniable, writes the head of petroleum industry grouping, and we all have a hand in it.
Stressed about summer with the kids? How to make the next few weeks a success for all the family
Summer can seem like a difficult time to be a parent, but it doesn’t need to be.
The Irish For: The perception that Irish is intimately linked to Catholicism is too widely held
Some languages are intimately associated with religions but not Gaeilge, writes Darach Ó Séaghdha.
Lynn Ruane: In Ireland we're forcing carers to change their children on toilet floors
The Community Participation Bill 2019 has made me think about what real access looks like, writes Lynn Ruane.
The Irish For: There's a bit of alchemy involved in translating Harry Potter into Irish
Book series translated from one language to another can lead to complications as the plot thickens, writes Darach Ó Séaghdha.
From the Garden: Taking care of your plants and getting an early crop
A hardy crop of broad beans and homemade herbal tea is on the agenda from the garden, writes Michael Kelly.
Opinion: Early school pick-up times mean mums can't commute anywhere but back to the kitchen
To encourage more women back to work perhaps it’s time to examine school finishing times, writes Mary McCarthy.
The Irish For: If you can’t say anything nice about someone, tar isteach
If you’re going to insult someone, do it properly, writes Darach Ó Séaghdha.
From the Garden: How to make the most of this super-abundant summer period
There’s plenty to do in the garden as abundant rain and improving temperatures mean everything is growing quickly, write Michael Kelly.
John Cleese versus the Irish language: Don't mention the 'bh' war
Cleese said that Irish names look like deliberate attempts to mislead innocent people but this is not the case, writes Darach Ó Séaghdha.
Opinion: Living with a disability in Ireland - a relentless dystopian nightmare
The daily life of a person with a disability is not aided by Irish society, writes Tom Clonan.
Lynn Ruane: How this French charity shop treats the homeless should inspire us to help our own
Communal meals, a chance to work and help to make a home – the scheme gives clients control of their lives.
The Irish For: Cockwombles and the decline of British insults
The Brexit process should be a golden age for satirists and comedians, but unfortunately, something else has happened, writes Darach Ó Séaghdha.
Shane Dunphy: Some things to consider before you post images of your kids on social media
We should all think a little more deeply about the images we share, writes child protection expert Shane Dunphy.
From the Garden: Build your own insect hotel and bookings will start rolling in
An insect hotel will encourage more wildlife and biodiversity into the garden, writes Michael Kelly.