# Raqqa

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In liberated Raqqa, evidence of the Isis media machine is everywhere
'If jihadists die, it's for the best' - France doesn't want its citizens who became Isis fighters coming home
US-backed forces declare victory over the Islamic State's former 'capital'
US-backed forces have driven the Islamic State out of its former 'capital'
British 'White Widow' Isis recruiter 'killed in US drone strike'
Russia says that it may have killed the leader of Islamic State
Airstrikes or minefields: The deadly choice facing Raqqa’s 300,000 residents
US-backed troops launch offensive on Islamic State "capital" in Syria
Isis is preparing a 'backup capital' in case its main base should fall
People are joining Isis because they're desperate for money...
France has launched 'massive' airstrikes on Isis in Syria
Why was it reported that this man was killed twice?
What happens when an Isis fighter gets married? They go on honeymoon...
Syrian troops kill 11 despite Arab League accord