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This month
February 2024
Turkey's earthquakes: Refugees who fled war-torn Syria now face rebuilding their lives again
The Journal was on the ground in Turkey, meeting refugees and visiting the camps they are living in.
Last month
January 2024
At least 50 injured in major earthquake on China-Kyrgyzstan border
Last year
Erdogan admits 'shortcomings' as Turkey-Syria earthquake death toll tops 12,000
Earthquake death toll passes 7,300 as countries pledge support for Turkey and Syria
All time
At least 50 people injured after magnitude-6.1 quake in Turkey
Tsunami alert lifted after powerful 7.3-magnitude earthquake in Japan
New Zealand marks 10th anniversary of Christchurch earthquake
Donegal struck by 2.1 magnitude earthquake
Nasa Mars lander picks up what's likely first detected 'Marsquake'
Donegal struck by 2.4 magnitude earthquake overnight
Tsunami warning as magnitude 7.5 earthquake strikes off New Caledonia
10 more dead after fresh 6.9-magnitude earthquake hits Indonesia's Lombok island
All Irish tourists taken off earthquake-stricken Gili Islands, ambassador says
'Everyone was screaming... it was so scary': Irish woman caught up in Indonesia earthquake
Magnitude 4.4 earthquake strikes southwest Britain
Mexican rescuers race to free girl trapped under school rubble
At least 42 dead as earthquake hits Mexico City and destroys buildings and bridges
Italy avalanche: Several children confirmed missing as extent of devastation emerges
The farmers, their little pigs and the wolves: An Italy earthquake survival tale
At least two killed as massive earthquake hits New Zealand
Evacuations but no major damage as New Zealand hit by earthquake
Japan might put toilets in lifts in case people get stuck during earthquakes
Nepal earthquake survivor: 'More than anything now, the women need safety'
Earthquake strikes in Wales (and shakes Ireland a tiny bit)
"People have no hope left. We know that another quake is coming"
Irish people are jokingly using Facebook's Nepal safety check-in
WATCH: The terrifying moment the Nepal quake struck the parliament
'No chance' of more survivors beneath rubble
'No damage to any nuclear power stations' after strong quake hits Japan
At least 367 dead in southwest China earthquake
Tsunami warning issued after earthquake hits off Fukushima coast
5.7-magnitude quake hits Japan
Five dead after 8.2 earthquake rocks northern Chile
Earthquake! Small tremor felt in south east Ireland last night
An earthquake has woken every Twitter user in Los Angeles at 6.30am
Small tsunami hits Japan after quake
There were two earthquakes in the Irish Sea this morning
Volcano kills 5, 'shoots smoke and ash 2,000m into the air'
Strong 6.5 quake shakes New Zealand