# Qassem Soleimani

Last month
January 2024
At least 103 people killed and 211 wounded in bombings in Iran at ceremony near general's grave
Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei blamed “evil and criminal enemies” of the country for the attack and vowed a “harsh response.”
All time
Twitter suspends account of Iran leader after tweet vowing revenge on 'golfing Trump'
Trump boasts that Soleimani got 'American justice' as House vote to curb his military moves in Iran
'Insulting and demeaning': White House briefing on Soleimani killing criticised by some Republicans
Over 50 people killed in stampede at funeral procession of Iranian general killed by US
Mourners gather in 'million strong' crowd for funeral of Iranian general killed by US
Iran abandons nuclear deal after general’s death in US air strike
Boris Johnson says killed Iranian general was 'a threat to all our interests'
Raab: Boris Johnson 'in charge' of Iran crisis despite silence during Caribbean holiday
Iraq's prime minister joins mourners in Baghdad for funeral of top Iranian general killed by US