# Public Safety

Last year
Weekly reviews of areas 'prone to anti-social behaviour' to take place under new crime action plan
Justice Minister: 'We must do better' in how gardaí handle emergency call centre in Dublin
Justice Minister announces €10m in emergency fund to pay for garda overtime in Dublin
Garda emergency call log shows 999 callers left on hold for up to 17 minutes
Hundreds of emergency calls to gardaí went unresponded to last evening in Dublin
National Parks and Wildlife Service urges against barbecues and fires in public places
All time
Pledge that new nightclub closing times will mean expanded late-night public transport
Bill to legalise medicinal cannabis shouldn't be passed - health committee
Explosive device made safe outside home in Ballymun
Water restrictions 'may endanger public safety' at busy time for fire brigade
Student sleep out cancelled after Gardaí refuse permission
E-coli traces found in bathing water at three Clare holiday resorts
Wasabi, yawning, and needing to pee: the winners of the 2011 Ig Nobel prizes