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Irish volunteers at the Ukraine border: ‘We're great at helping, but need to do more. It’s a tragedy’
‘I have to go back’: Polish city remains a major hub for Ukrainians fleeing war (and going home)
Przemyśl became a hub for Ukrainian refugees as soon as the war broke out.
The city has adapted its operations to deal with a new phase of the crisis.
Volunteers from all over the world are helping the city cope with the influx of people.
Over 50 days in, things have changed at the main border crossing between Poland and Ukraine
There are now large numbers of people returning to Ukraine as well as leaving it
Security is much tighter, with more organisations rather than individuals on the ground
The traffic at the border stretches out of sight filling three lanes, reports Céimin Burke from the border
'Money, money, money - that is what is required' - Irish politicians visit Polish/Ukraine border
At the border: 'People should stop sending us summer clothes. We need food and things for babies'
How the mid-size Polish town of Przemysl has been transformed into a transport hub for refugees
Przemyśl, the Ukraine/Poland border town where tens of thousands of refugees cross daily