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Last year
Revenue remind homeowners about paying new vacant homes tax and property tax
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People who have bought new homes since 2013 will now have to pay property tax
Government announces €3.5 billion plan to get the economy through Covid
The Pandemic Unemployment Payment will be phased out as part of the Covid-19 stimulus plan
The Covid wage subsidy scheme will be extended until the end of the year
Taoiseach Micheál Martin said the pandemic caused "the most rapid and dramatic recession recorded outside of the world wars"
Taxpayers won't face higher property tax bills for 2021
From Enda's enforcer and the Irish Water 'bogeyman' to a 'bruiser' in Europe: Phil Hogan's decade in the spotlight
Bright and stylish four-beds just 15 minutes from Waterford city - yours from €290k
Minister moves to reassure public that reformed property tax will be 'affordable' and 'fair'
Should affluent areas pay less property tax? Minister says councillors should decide the rate in their area
More homeowners will have to pay property tax if government decides to scrap exemption
Analysis: If it rules out a vacant property tax the government risks looking idle
It's looking more likely that any changes to the property tax system will be 'moderate'
Property Tax: Donohoe says he wants 'moderate, affordable' changes by 2020
Debate Room: Property tax rates are unfair on those living in South County Dublin
Sinn Féin wants to abolish the property tax at a cost of €440 million
Poll: Would a double property tax for vacant houses help ease the housing crisis?
More childcare, schools and capital spending, and lots of tax changes - Sinn Féin's budget proposals
People whose homes have been flooded can defer property tax this year
Your property tax is being frozen until 2019
This is why Paul Murphy paid his €1,150 property tax bill
Could it really cost just €13 million to abolish Irish Water?
This man doesn't care that Sinn Féin 'scares the bejaysus' out of some people
People living in nine council areas can get a big Property Tax cut - is yours one of them?
Revenue taking money from people who have undervalued their homes
Government accused of 'kite-flying' and 'buying back votes'
The government might cap the Property Tax
More than 7,300 properties have had their property tax increased
Payments of the Household Charge still being received every day
Sex, Smirnoff and the Six Nations: The week in numbers
Here's some good news if you haven't paid your property tax yet
Kenny assures homeowners that property tax rates won't explode
Warnings of an "uncontrollable" rise in Local Property Tax
The Revenue wants to know how you're going to pay your property tax
Limerick councillors reject motion to cut property tax by 15%
Cork City Council to cut property tax by 10%
State of the Nation: Does cutting property tax make homelessness worse?
Caught for the second home tax? This information could save you €3,000
Revenue want homeowners to justify property tax valuation if house value has increased
Want a cut in income tax? It could mean tripling the property tax
Revenue collects €310m in property tax and household charge payments