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# Privacy

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This is how you can hide your presence on WhatsApp
So none of your friends (or strangers) know you’re online.
State slapped with legal action over Irish data protection regime
Digital Rights Ireland claims the State has not properly implemented EU legislation on data protection.
80% of Irish people think they can't control their privacy on social media
1,000 people were asked whether or not they trusted the privacy of their images online.
Your personal data was talked about at the Web Summit, but it looks like you might have to pay to keep it safe in the future
Privacy could become a product purchased by the rich and an unattainable luxury for the poor, writes Maria Helen Murphy.
Why these three people gave up their jobs to make this tiny privacy device
Invizbox is hoping its second product, a mobile privacy box, will make a splash in the consumer market.
Everyone is talking about the creepy new app Peeple - but what even is it?
It’s like Yelp, but for people. And nobody’s happy.
Microsoft insists it's not scanning users' emails so it can serve up better ads
The company responds to privacy fears surrounding how Windows 10 collects and uses information from users.
This is your regular reminder that those Facebook copyright posts you're seeing are rubbish
They have no effect on Facebook’s privacy policy whatsoever so stop sharing them.
This smartphone wants to prevent anyone from spying on your calls and texts
BlackPhone 2 offers encryption by default and allows users detailed control over app permissions.
This is how you take control of your privacy on Windows 10
It’s been out for more than a month now but if you are concerned about what data is being shared, here’s how to change that.
Poll: Do you feel sorry for the people caught up in the Ashley Madison leak?
It was revealed on Friday that the email address of an Irish politician has been found on the list.
Spotify was heavily criticised for its new privacy policy, but was it deserved?
The company apologised for the changes, but is it as bad as people are making it out to be?
Oireachtas, Garda and Defence Forces emails appear on Ashley Madison database
A search of the hacked databases found 17 email addresses linked to government departments and state agencies.
Imagine a world where dogs control access to ATM cash by smelling people's crotches
You’d never have to worry about forgetting your pin again.
London police tweeted - then deleted - this photo of a famous comedian taken from a helicopter
The photo taken of Michael McIntyre has spurred an investigation.
Poll: Do you worry about your online privacy?
Most people are aware of privacy settings on social media sites but is it something you worry about?
What the heck is DuckDuckGo and why is it growing in popularity?
The search engine that focuses on privacy has slowly built up a reputation by word of mouth.
WhatsApp fails almost all criteria for data protection
While Apple, Yahoo and Dropbox received full marks for their respective privacy policies.
Snapchat has added a small but important security feature to the mix
If you’re not already using two-step verification, now’s as good a time as any to start.
Google is trying to make users feel better about their privacy
The simplified controls will make it easier for users to decide what data Google’s services has access to.
The United States won't be able to listen in on phone calls after tonight
The USA Patriot Act which underpins the domestic activities of the National Security Agency is set to expire.
Ireland is now responsible for the privacy of 240 million Twitter users
Or rather, the Irish Data Protection Commissioner is. Rather her than us.
Poll: Do you worry about your privacy?
Or is it a thing of the past?
One year later, how has the 'Right to be forgotten' panned out for Europe?
While more than 250,000 requests have been made, the issue remains as divisive as ever.
Joan Burton speaks of her decades-long search for her birth parents
Speaking about privacy today, the Tánaiste said children should be entitled to know who their mother is.
The EU is charging Google with abuse of power
And the tech giant could be slapped with fines worth €6 billion – if the case ever gets that far.
'If I had done this in Ireland it would've taken 25 years' - Facebook Privacy Campaigner
Max Schrems has taken a €10 million class action lawsuit against the tech giant in his native Austria so as to avoid the ‘madness of the Irish courts’.
Don't want sites tracking your activity? Here's how you can ask them to stop
And it’s an option that’s available on all major browsers.
Poll: Do you think you share too much about yourself online?
People share relationship details, photos of their kids and even what they’ve had for breakfast. Do you know where the line is?
Do you send personal emails on your office computer? It could get you in serious trouble
Everything you do on your office PC or laptop during work time is not only accessible to IT, but indeed technically on work time.
Flying somewhere? The EU wants to add you to a giant database of passenger details
This time it may actually happen, and it all sounds a little sinister
Who owns our digital fingerprints?
Think about your day 15 years ago; you could have gone about your business leaving almost no trace of yourself. Not anymore, data is changing our world.
Opinion: Drones may be fun, but they also pose complex legal and safety challenges
Novelty may give way to concerns over annoyance, nuisance, privacy, trespass and safety.
Minister: Keeping data on students until they're 30 is 'reasonable'
The minister said she is satisfied the time limit doesn’t need to be changed – for now, at least.
It's official: Your Facebook feed knows you better than your family
The robots are taking over.
Poll: Would you support gardaí using drones?
A crime fighting tool too far?
Opinion: Embarrassing photos posted online? There are ways of having them removed...
In the age of smartphones, embarrassing pictures of our more indiscreet behaviour can have a way of haunting us.
Quick lesson: How to delete everything you search for on Facebook
You need to do this.
'The UK respects Ireland's privacy, there is no question of any mass surveillance'
Documents previously showed that UK authorities had access to opitcal fibre cables that carry a range of data, from internet traffic to telephone calls.
Calls for pre-trial hearings on disclosure of sensitive material in sex offence cases
The Law Reform Commission says difficulties have emerged in specific cases.