# Prisons

24th February 2024
Man arrested and €180,000 in cash seized as part of operation on supply of drugs into prisons
Last month
January 2024
Works at protected wall on grounds of Arbour Hill paused as specialist architect needed
The renovation was halted after it was discovered the work would need to be supervised by a conservational architect.
Prison addiction counsellor charged after drugs discovered at her home
Last year
Varadkar: 'If we want dangerous people locked up for a long time, we're going to need more prison spaces'
CCTV captured alleged assault of a prisoner by prison officer
Why the judge couldn't send Puska to full life in prison in the Ashling Murphy murder trial
More prisoners on temporary release in attempt to tackle Irish Prison Service overcrowding
There are currently over 5,200 people registered in the Irish prison system, even though the capacity is just over 4,500 people.
According to one source, the Service is using parole to release inmates under supervision in a bid to tackle overcrowding.
Multiple prison staff investigated for allegedly using company fuel cards to top up their own cars
The cards belonged to the Prison Service Escort Corp.
It is understood that an internal inquiry is ongoing and active.
Mountjoy's female prisoners without specialised rape counselling since last August
Head of prison officer group says overcrowding is putting staff and prisoners 'at risk'
Opinion: The Inspection of Places of Detention Bill promises reforms but doesn't go far enough
All time
Judges to be able to set minimum life sentences as changes to Ireland's penal system announced
Irish Prison Service to launch major review of how psychologists deal with sex offenders
Report finds minority groups in Irish prisons can face 'aggression and name calling' from staff
Prison service facing 'unprecedented challenge' as it manages three Covid-19 outbreaks
Some prisoners had no access to a shower for 14 days while quarantining
Prison officers defend withdrawal of 'goodwill' duties over concerns about when they'll be vaccinated
Report details case of mentally ill inmate found lying naked on floor of cell
51 inmates in Irish prisons still 'slopping out' despite government pledge to end practice by this year
Visiting restrictions relaxed further for prisoners - except at Portlaoise and Midlands prisons
Number of people jailed for not paying court-ordered fines almost doubled in 2019
Prison Service now has temperature checks at the entrances to all prisons
Public transport services to be reduced from next week
Coronavirus: Talks underway to reduce number of people in prison in a 'controlled manner'
Six prisoners in Italy die from methadone overdoses during protest over Covid-19 measures
'They don’t even have the capacity to keep everyone in single cells': Concerns over potential Covid-19 spread in prisons
Evidence to suggest tracking device was placed on private car of prison officer, report finds
El Chapo expected to go to 'prison of prisons' described as 'high-tech version of hell'
Over 3,400 cases of prisoners sleeping on mattresses on floors in past three months
'Things are not getting better': Prison officers say they're attacked a lot more than official stats say
Volume of drug seizures in Irish prisons soars by 42%, as over 1,000 recorded last year
An average of 12 phones are seized in Irish prisons every week
Prison officers seized two weapons a day over the last five years
Falling crime rates mean Netherlands' prisons are being used to house asylum seekers
Large drop in number of people being jailed for non-payment of fines
'A prisoner will say to you: I know where you live, I’ll burn your house down, I’ll get your kids.’
Irish prisons paid €3 million in 'pocket money' to inmates last year
26 dead as gangs behead inmates in Brazilian prison massacre
Significant staff shortage at Cloverhill Prison as 36 people call in sick
525 phones confiscated from Irish prisons so far this year