# Prison Break

Last year
Former UK soldier Daniel Khalife pleads not guilty to escaping from prison
Hunt for terror suspect enters third day in UK after 21-year-old man escapes from prison
Murderer on loose for seventh day after scaling wall and escaping from Philadelphia prison
All time
Nine inmates escape after gang rams vehicles into Mexican prison
Dutch police arrest four after foiled jailbreak
Four 'extremely dangerous' inmates overpower guards and escape jail in Ohio
Search launched after prisoner escapes from Dublin courthouse
PSNI appeal for John Clifford to hand himself in as they continue hunt for child killer
Seventeen prisoners shot dead following mass breakout in a Papua New Guinea prison
Detectives baffled as inmates cut through bars to escape California prison
Lad Bible apologises to Prison Break star over meme about weight gain
Actor Wentworth Miller has written an inspiring response to a fat-shaming meme about him
Video shows inmates escaping from Canadian prison by helicopter
Man who cut off businessman's penis among three to escape maximum-security prison
Prison worker hid tools in hamburgers that helped convicted killers escape
Prison worker helped inmates escape after getting "caught up in the fantasy"
One escaped killer 'shot dead by police' in New York
The net may finally be closing on two convicted killers who escaped prison
Prison officer suspended as escaped convicted killers spotted 300 miles away
This violent robber escaped prison - by walking out the front door
100 inmates escape high-security Ukrainian jail after shell attack
64: The number of prisoners escaped since 1996 still at large
'Defiant' Morsi asks judge: "Do you know who I am?"
A wolf has escaped from a zoo in Essex
Thieves in Italy broke IN to a prison to steal €5,000
Here's the letter gay actor Wentworth Miller sent to a Russian film festival
Al-Qaeda claims responsibility for freeing militants from Iraqi prisons
Brothers still missing from Roscommon prison
Update: Two brothers escape from Roscommon prison
Prisoner has been on the run since 1995
Detainees escape from Iraqi prison 'through small window'
Two escape from garda custody in Limerick
Woman tries to smuggle husband out of prison... in a bag
Search continues for over 480 Afghan prisoners who dug their way out of jail
'Bonnie and Clyde' copycat couple captured
Search for 'Bonnie and Clyde' copycats