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Last month
February 2024
Leo Varadkar to meet with UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and new Stormont leaders tomorrow
This year
UK government to replace 'green lane' on goods travelling to NI under new Stormont deal
The DUP has been using a veto power to block Stormont’s devolved institutions for almost two years.
It was announced earlier this week that the DUP was prepared to return to Stormont, dependent on the UK Government implementing certain legislative assurances.
The return will see Michelle O’Neill become the region’s first ever nationalist first minister.
UK and EU agree change to post-Brexit NI trade rules after DUP reaches deal
DUP leader Jeffrey Donaldson said the changes show the “naysayers are wrong”.
The DUP leader today expressed hope that the executive could be back in place within days.
The parties eligible to participate in a revived ministerial executive are due to meet later today to discuss the next steps.
Support for the deal is not unanimous within the DUP and several senior figures remain fiercely opposed to the proposed agreement.
DUP backs deal that will see return of Stormont Assembly after two years of collapse
Donaldson made the announcement after 1am following hours of intensive talks by the DUP executive.
Jeffrey Donaldson briefing DUP members over UK government proposals to end Stormont impasse
Last year
DUP will not be 'brow beaten' to restore powersharing, says Donaldson
Varadkar: 'Deep engagement' with UK Govt to restore powersharing in Northern Ireland
Windsor Framework: DUP to vote against Government on 'Stormont Brake'
Pushing Stormont poll deadline back to 2024 ‘legislating for further drift’, McDonald says
All time
Sunak says he is working 'flat out' to restore the power sharing executive in Northern Ireland
The latest attempt to re-establish powersharing in Stormont just failed
Still no clarity on an election date in Northern Ireland, what's going on?
NI Assembly to meet Thursday for last-minute attempt to avoid December election
December Stormont election likely if executive not formed by end of next week
O’Neill to brief US politicians in Washington on need to restore Stormont
British MPs support moves for UK Government to commission Northern Ireland abortion services
O'Neill says it is right for UK government to intervene on NI abortion services
Sinn Féin holds talks with NI Secretary of State in bid to avert Stormont crisis
NI Executive adjourns for the night with no agreement on new coronavirus restrictions
Arlene Foster re-appointed First Minister as powersharing returns to Northern Ireland
Simon Coveney: Lyra McKee's death inspired Northern talks, now politicians should take charge
Stormont talks to continue late into the night as deal edges closer
Governments set to make public draft deal to restore powersharing at Stormont
DUP has prevented pre-Christmas deal to restore Stormont powersharing, Julian Smith says
Differences between political parties in Northern Ireland are 'marginal', DUP's Edwin Poots says
After a dramatic election, the DUP and Sinn Féin are to talk today about reviving Stormont
NI meeting dubbed a 'waste of time' but Bradley says getting Stormont on its feet isn't about 'soundbites'
Karen Bradley 'actively considering' external mediator to restore NI powersharing talks
UUP to withdraw from Executive: 'We will not stay while Sinn Féin ignores IRA murders'