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Tánaiste says stricter online safety rules are needed: 'The days of self-regulation are over'
Taoiseach says government will review UK's new 'porn block' law to see if it could work in Ireland
Man (36) caught with over 4,000 child pornography images and videos given fully suspended sentence
Minister says 'porn block' law needs to be considered, but says privacy issues also a concern
Irish government to consider similar legislation to UK 'porn block' law
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New video emerges online showing 'garda' having sex with woman on motorway
Cambodia deports tourists accused of 'pornographic' pool party
Dublin man who used Snapchat and Skype to exploit young girls jailed for 9.5 years
Theresa May's deputy denies that porn was found on his computer
'Despicable act': Dublin man uploaded video to porn website without woman's knowledge
Man who posed as Justin Bieber online charged with over 900 child sex offences
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Babestation TV models are coming to Mayo (but the minister won't be meeting them)
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US state declares porn a 'public health crisis'
Porn stars will not have to wear condoms or goggles while filming
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Pornography being shown in pubs had the government in a fluster 30 years ago
More than 300 reportedly arrested in bust on huge child pornography ring