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In an empty St Peter's Basilica, Pope Francis calls for solidarity to face 'epochal challenge' of Covid-19
'Dear friends, look at the real heroes': Pope Francis begins Holy Week celebrations without the public
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Former pope Benedict denies he co-authored controversial book arguing against lifting celibacy ban
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‘Don’t bite!’ Pope negotiates papal kiss from nun after hand-slapping controversy
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Vatican amends Church law to remove papal confidentiality around child sex abuse cases
Pope Francis condemns nuclear weapons while visiting Nagasaki
Pope Francis apologises over theft of Amazon statues from church in Rome
A British cardinal who helped found UCD is to become a saint today
Pope Francis hosting conference which will debate whether married men could be priests
UCD founder Cardinal Newman set for sainthood in October
Pope issues law requiring Catholic clergy members to report sex abuse - but not to police
Catholic in 2019: 'Some cardinals and clerics appear trapped within a medieval mindset - but Pope Francis provides a glimmer of hope'
'You can't say it' - Pope Francis warns public to stop comparing Messi to God
Vatican explains that Pope Francis withdrew his ring for hygiene reasons
Video showing Pope Francis trying to avoid having his ring kissed goes viral
Pope accepts resignation of Chile cardinal over sex abuse cases
Pope rejects resignation of French cardinal convicted of sex abuse cover-up
Australian Cardinal George Pell found guilty of sexually assaulting two choirboys
Survivors call for 'zero tolerance' towards Catholic Church sex abuse as four-day Vatican summit gets underway
Vatican defrocks former cardinal over sexual abuse of teenager in US
The Vatican is hosting a major summit on its response to child abuse, but what does it hope to achieve?
Pope Francis makes historic visit to United Arab Emirates
Campaigner calls on Catholic Church to remove 'vagueness and ambiguity' from response to child abuse
Pope Francis warns of 'crisis of credibility' following church sex abuse scandal
Vatican spokesman and deputy resign in latest staff shake-up
Pope Francis attacks 'insatiable greed' in world and calls for 'fraternity' among people
Taoiseach's constituency office contacted DCC over objections to Papal visit
Pope Francis removes two scandal-hit cardinals from his inner circle
'Pure sectarian hatred' or 'totally biased pro-Catholic coverage': Complaints to RTÉ over papal visit
Priests told to have another national collection to help make up €4m deficit in fundraising for Pope visit
Vatican stalls on Belgium bishops' suggestion to allow young married men to become priests
President Higgins leads Ireland's tributes as Archbishop Oscar Romero becomes a saint
Pope Francis defrocks two Chilean bishops for sex abuse of minors
Pope Francis compares having an abortion to hiring 'a contract killer'
Vatican refutes claims that Pope Francis covered up US cardinal's misconduct
Contractor was asked to install papal road markings in Dublin for free over concerns about cost