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Video shows Poolbeg stacks struck by lightning as thunderstorms break Dublin's hot spell
Planning granted for 570 new homes in Dublin
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Minister to meet with developers and Council to discuss €600k 'affordable' homes
The Journal reported in June around fears about how ‘affordable’ housing at Poolbeg in Dublin would be delivered.
The 37-acre site is one of the last large-scale pieces of development land left in Dublin city.
But concerns remain over the 'affordable' units which could cost as much as €600,000.
Housing Minister says €600,000 'not an affordable home' as concerns loom over Poolbeg site
O'Brien's comments come after The Journal reported on concerns last month about how 'affordable' housing at Poolbeg in Dublin would be delivered.
Planning permission to build the first 600 units at the site was lodged last weekend.
Plans lodged to build 600 apartments on old bottle factory site in Poolbeg
Dáil to discuss making homes at Poolbeg site 'genuinely affordable'
'It's not affordable if they cost €600,000': questions over house prices at 'new suburb' in Poolbeg
Johnny Ronan to build 'new suburb' on old bottle factory site in Poolbeg
Foundations of iconic Poolbeg chimneys at risk of corrosion due to presence of sulphur
The ESB said chemical analysis undertaken last year identified the presence of the corrosive element.
It's planned works will be carried out on the iconic chimneys this year, Cónal Thomas reports.
Councillor Dermot Lacey has called for the towers to be protected and repainted.
Poll: Do you like the Poolbeg chimneys in Dublin?
Plans for 25% of Poolbeg Glass Bottle site to be mix of social and affordable housing welcomed
A faulty sewage tank caused effluent to pour into Dublin Bay over the weekend
Why a historic site next to the Poolbeg Towers could become Dublin's newest cultural hub
'Intense discussions' underway to deliver 900 affordable homes on Poolbeg site
Poolbeg incinerator facing charges of breaking its licence at Dublin 4 site
The Poolbeg incinerator has started burning again after accident that hospitalised staff
'It's disgusting': Fly infestation plagues Dublin residents and businesses
The EPA is taking legal action after the lime leak at the Poolbeg incinerator
Parents gather to discuss effect of 'incredibly stupid' Poolbeg incinerator
Waste-burning suspended after lime-leak at Poolbeg incinerator
Dublin City councillors want real-time emissions data from the Poolbeg incinerator
Emissions data from first week of activity at Poolbeg incinerator yet to be published
'We need clean air. We do not need accidents': Locals' fury as 11 incinerator staff hospitalised
Up and running: 'First fire' of waste at controversial Poolbeg incinerator
More than a quarter of homes in Poolbeg will be social and affordable housing
The controversial Poolbeg incinerator has taken its first delivery of waste
'I suppose we're f****** stuck with it': The Poolbeg incinerator is starting production
ESB to step up security after teenager climbs Poolbeg chimney
A teenager climbed the Poolbeg chimneys and filmed the entire thing
Strike ends at Dublin incinerator after management agrees to reinstate sacked workers
Plans for 3,000 homes on Dublin glass bottle site
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